This PlayStation-Themed Mug Is Stunning–And Also Ridiculously Cheap

We generally don’t talk much about kitchen accessories here on GameSpot Deals, but it’s not every day we spot a common household item as attractive as this coffee mug right here. This gorgeous 16 oz. cup is repping the original PlayStation logo and has an oil slick design with an iridescent rainbow finish. We thought you might want to know it’s on sale for $7.49 rather than $10, which is a really good price for a piece of retro PlayStation merch that also has a practical, everyday use. (That’s also just a solid price for a coffee mug, period.)

See it at GameStop

The main thing to know about this flashy guy is that it’s hand wash only. Don’t stick it in the dishwasher, and definitely don’t heat it up in the microwave, as you’ll ruin those pretty colors. So while it requires a bit more care than the average mug, you’re definitely getting your money’s worth, and it would also make a great gift for any PlayStation fan with the holidays coming up.

Since ThinkGeek’s online presence merged with GameStop’s in July (RIP), there’s a wider range of apparel, collectibles, and other merchandise up for purchase on the retailer’s website these days, from action figures and Funko Pops to board games and trading cards. And with its Back to School sale going on, GameStop actually has some solid deals on collectibles right now, including other neat mugs like this One Punch Man heat-changing one and this over-the-top Sailor Moon design. There are also over 1,000 T-shirts on sale for just $10, and if you’re needing to buy a backpack, you’ll get a free lanyard with your purchase, which is nice if you’re heading to any conventions soon.

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