This Pokémon Sword & Shield Wild Area Diorama Is Massive

So, you were a little unimpressed by the scale of Pokémon Sword & Shield’s Wild Area? Feast your eyes on this majestic diorama, threatening to engulf Pokémon overlord Junichi Masuda entirely!

Sword & Shield have been available for some weeks now, and they’ve proven to be the phenomenon that a mainline Pokémon game is inevitably going to be. Does this mean they’re perfect, though? Not at all. In fact, the games were very controversial prior to their launch (and remain so) for certain acts of Game Freak-ery that the fanbase took issue to.

The whole National Pokédex debacle and the lack of technical wow factor were chief among these issues. The presentation is bold and bright, of course, but there are details, textures and animations that just aren’t what they could have been. Then there’s another aspect of the game that has divided fans: the Wild Area.

Fellow Nintendo Switch mega-hit The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild wasn’t exactly huge as far as open-world titles go, but it was a revelation for the series. Climbable mountains, the sheer scope of Hyrule, the casual survival elements… it was a bold effort on Nintendo’s part. Some, however, were expecting much more from Galar’s Wild Area.

It was quite disappointing to find that this area was limited to one specific spot on the map, while the rest of the game was divided into largely linear routes as usual. Some wanted much more from the Wild Area, though as Masuda himself has recently proven, it’s still a darn big place. Full of detail too; just feast your eyes on this:

Why, yes, that is Pokémon legend Junichi Masuda proudly showing off a stunning diorama of the Wild Area. In these images from Nintendo Soup, you can see the sandy region, the lush plains, the bridges over the water… it’s all there and it’s all looking super sweet. It has also been revealed that the diorama will be on display in Japan at a tournament for the Pokémon TCG this weekend. So, what do you think? It turns out that the Wild Area really is big enough to get lost in (literally) after all!

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