This Stray Mod Let’s Your Cat Do The Heavy Rain Jason Scream Instead Of Meowing

Stray already has plenty of easter, including nods to Half-Life, Skyrim, and Gravity Falls, but it currently does not have any references to Heavy Rain. At least, none that have been discovered so far. A new mod aims to fix that by adding a pretty obvious reference to Quantic Dream's award-winning game.

Simply titled "Jason," the mod "replaces the user inputted meowing with a pleading call to find your lost son, you terrible father." This means the usual array of meows turn into calls for "Jason" at varying volumes and intensity.

You can see the mod in action in the video below. It’s a little jarring hearing Jason’s name repeated by a cat that’s just trying to play with the tail of another, more normal-sounding cat. It’s also more than a little immersion-breaking, but if PC mod-making was just about adding to the experience, we wouldn’t have gems like these.

You want some realism in your Stray mods? Anyone with an actual cat knows that, like all living creatures with a digestive system, cats fart. Sometimes a lot. Maybe not as loudly or as frequently as the Farting mod depicts, but it's something that Stray developer BlueTwelve Studio definitely forgot to add to their cat simulation game.

Installing either mod is simple. For the Jason mod, download the file from Nexus Mods and then extract the .pak file to Stray’s Paks folder, which defaults to Steam\steamapps\common\Stray\Hk_project\Content\Paks. The Farting mod is a little easier and just needs to be extracted to the Stray’s Steam folder.

There are actually useful mods on Nexus Mods, such as the Splitscreen mod for those that want a more cooperative experience and the "Slightly Fat Cat" mod that portrays Stray's kitty in a way that will seem more familiar to most cat owners. I highly encourage you to check out the list to see what mod might enhance your cat simulation experience.

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