This Trans Witches Bundle Gives You 69 Games For The Price Of Hogwarts Legacy

If you've been on social media for more than five minutes recently, chances are you've stumbled upon controversy surrounding Hogwarts Legacy. Transgender people have called for a boycott of the game due to the views of Harry potter creator J.K. Rowling, and while she's had no involvement in development, many feel that supporting the title is an admission that you agree with Rowling or simply don't care about her affect on the community.

Those who have been trying to absolve themselves on social media have been acting like they just have to play the game because there aren't any others out there that feature witches and wizards. You won't be too surprised to find out that's not the case. In fact, there are dozens of indie projects out there for those of you who feel like picking up a wand, and a bundle of 69 projects from LGBTQ+ creators – curated by KRITIQAL – is now up for sale on for the price of a copy of Hogwarts Legacy.

The Trans Witches are Witches bundle features a range of different titles and projects, covering everything from tabletop games to shoot-em-ups. You can grab everything there for $60, but there's also a sister bundle that includes many of the same games for just $10 if you want to show your support but you're a bit strapped for cash. Since the bundle is being sold on, every penny will go towards supporting the developers behind these titles who will be receiving an even share of the funds when the sale ends on February 24.

While we can't showcase every game in the bundle, we can show you some of the highlights. For example, one of the games included in the bundle is called Polymute, an adorable little puzzle game that has you transforming into different objects to explore the world or simply express yourself. There's also Crystal Control 2 for all of you out there that enjoy a bit of local multiplayer, the trailer for which you can find embedded below. The game is essentially a competitive shoot-em-up that incorprates bullet hell elements, as you and a friend try to take each other out with projectiles from either side of the screen.

There's a skating game called Magic Trick that lets you grind and ollie around a cartoon village, and a bunch of visual novels with varying themes. For example, there's Casting Hearts which has you playing as an anxious wizard on a crystal ball date with their girlfirend, as well as Nameless – The Departed Cycle if you're in the market for some thing a little spooky and mature. There're plenty of other good-looking projects there too, so go check them all out and maybe throw some cash their way if you want to support some LGBTQ+ creators.

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