This Week In Destiny 2 (May Week 1)

This week in Destiny 2, the Guardian Games wrap up with Titans in a commanding lead.

Hunters had the lead for the first day of Destiny 2’s Guardian Games, but after that it’s been all Titans. The tanky class has completely run away in the medal counts leaving Hunters and Warlocks in the dust.

Bungie provided skeptical players with a detailed explanation of just why Titans are crushing the Guardian Games. It turns out that there are just more Titans playing than other classes as well as the fact that Titans turn in more medals for per player. While this may prove that Bungie hasn’t rigged the games in Titans’ favor, there are some structural problems to the games that might have given Titans an unfair advantage.

First, the daily bounties provided by Eva often require players to use specific subclass abilities in order to complete them, which means that any subclass that can spam its abilities quickly will have an inherent advantage. Certain Titan subclass abilities are eminently spammable, so Titans can crush those bounties faster than other classes.

Second, players have long complained of bounty fatigue in Destiny 2, but the new Heir Apparent Exotic Machine Gun was locked behind several triumphs that required completing a whole lot of Guardian Games bounties. Since players often have a character for each of Destiny 2’s three classes, many of them likely switched to play Titan during the Games in order to complete those bounties as quickly and easily as possible just so they could get Heir Apparent.

Finally, the leading class gets more daily rewards like Enhancement Prisms and Legendary Armor, which incentivizes players to only play the class that is leading in the medal standings. Once Titans seemed to have a secure, players swapped to playing Titan just so they could maximize their rewards.

Anyway, this is just speculation to explain why more Titans showed up than Hunters during the Guardian Games and why Titans completely dominated the medal standings. Hopefully we’ll get some more data at the end of the event.

In other news, Bungie addressed the bounty fatigue head-on in their latest This Week At Bungie update. The developer says that they plan to tweak bounties starting in Season 12 so that they’re a little less time-dependent and a bit more open-ended. One suspects that the model used for the Guardian Games medals might become the new standard when it comes to bounties, allowing them to be completed at their own pace without fear that they’ll expire if not completed promptly.

We should see Iron Banner returning at least one more time before Season of the Worthy ends on June 9. Stay tuned next week for more updates on when that might be.

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