This Week In Elden Ring: Returning The Favour, New PvP Locations, And Gargoyles Are Creepier Than You Thought

We've got a mixed bag of Elden Ring news for you this week. A community hero has called upon players to return the favour for his heroic deeds, PvP Duelists are getting a bit too cool for school – rather, the Academy, – and lore master Zullie the Witch bewitches Ring players with another terrifying fact about the nightmarish creatures that roam The Lands Between.

Let Me Solo Her Asks The Community To Kill Bosses For Him Now

You’ve no doubt sat at Malenia’s fog wall, waiting for summon after summon, dying attempt after attempt. But Let Me Solo Her has been there when we all needed him during those crucial times. KleinTsuboi, a.k.a Let Me Solo Her, never asked for anything when he decided to help over 2,000 Tarnished defeat the Blade of Miquella – in fact he wanted the hosts to stay safe and out of the way, as his name suggests. However, last week he asked Elden Ring players to return the favour.

He held a special livestream where the tables were turned – he'd watch in safety as others defeated bosses for him. "After helping over 2000 people beat Malenia, I think it's time to let them help me this time," he tweeted. "I'm hosting a viewer run stream on youtube tomorrow at 4 PM where I will let my summons kill the boss for me starting from Morgott."

Players Discuss New PvP Locations

For the longest time, the Raya Lucaria Academy gate has been the go-to meeting spot for Tarnished who like to dabble in PvP battles. It has everything you'd need – easily accessible for players of all levels, a wide open space, and it's far from any AI enemies who might get pulled into the battle by mistake. However, it's not the most neutral arena as – if it happens to rain –lightning attacks get buffed and fire attacks are nerfed.

For that reason, players started suggesting alternate arenas in the Elden Ring subreddit. Some suggested the circular areas in Miquella's Haligtree, but the entire region is optional and requires significant skill to get to. Other suggestions included the bridge at Volcano Manor and the frozen lake at Mountaintop of the Giants – but you'd need to beat a massive dragon for that.

However, one of the comments wisely noted, "The problem is not finding another good PvP location, the trouble is convincing 500k users to make it their new spot."

Gargoyles Are Made Of Grafted People, Not Stone

It shouldn't really come as a surprise that one of Elden Ring's monstrosities is actually more nightmarish than we previously thought. This time legendary dataminer Zullie the Witch has given us some insight into the Gargoyles, most notably that they're not made of stone like in usual fantasy lore, but rather human flesh – thanks for the nightmares, FromSoft!

Zullie revealed that only the helmet and the wings of a Gargoyle is made of stone, while the rest of it is made from the flesh of not one, but two separate living beings. Zullie revealed this by giving us a view of what's beneath the helmet – two distinctly separate faces grafted together using some kind of wax.

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