This Week In Warframe (4/19-4/25)

This week in Warframe, Digital Extremes have finally announced the end of Nightwave: Intermission II.

It’s been six months since the second intermission of the Nightwave battle pass system was announced. Nightwave was initially intended as a way for Warframe to shore itself up in between larger content drops, providing necessary resources and unique rewards along with smaller drips of fascinating lore.

However, Nightwave got sidetracked with the introduction of Railjack, Warframe’s space-based battle-system, as well as the new Scarlet Spear event. Both those content drops haven’t really landed with Warframe’s players, so Digital Extremes is finally returning to Nightwave to keep players happy while they get to work re-doing Railjack.

Nightwave: Intermission II will end in two weeks–that’s May 3. After that, a new Nightwave episode will take its place called The Glassmaker. We’re not sure what that might mean or if there might be a week or two between the ending of Intermission II and the introduction of The Glassmaker, but it’ll surely provide another set of unique rewards for players to grind for.

Digital Extremes also announced a new focus on quality with the arrival of the Public Test Cluster. This test server will allow Warframe players to play upcoming content early and provide “targeted feedback” for Digital Extremes. The hope here is to prevent another disastrous event like Scarlet Spear, which Warframe players have universally panned as both obtuse and unfun.

You can request keys to the test server over on the Warframe Forum post here. You must speak English and be willing to be a guinea pig–test servers are usually full of bugs.

Last week, Warframe director Steve Sinclair did a wide-ranging interview with several prominent Warframe streamers that discussed the future of the game. Along with this new focus on quality, Steve also promised a rework of Railjack.

The studio will focus on Railjack economy and crafting materials, but also change the number of breaches, fires, electrical hazards, and boarding parties that afflict a player’s ships. The core combat loop will also be addressed, making it faster and more “fun” to eliminate enemy ships.

No timeframe was set on when Railjack would be reworked, so don’t expect anything for at least several weeks.

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