Thomas The Tank Engine Has Finally Been Added To Elden Ring

There is but a single metric by which one can assess the success of a game. No, it’s not total sales, although Elden Ring has plenty of those. Neither is it perfect reviews, of which Elden Ring also has many. The true sign of a game’s greatness is whether someone bothered to insert Thomas the Tank Engine as a mod.

Skyrim was famously the first to feature Thomas the Tank Engine flying around like a demonic train. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice did it. Mass Effect did it. Resident Evil 3 and Village did it. And now, someone has done the same in Elden Ring.

To be clear, Elden Ring actually got a Thomas the Tank Engine mod shortly after its release in February, but that one just replaced the Tree Sentinel's horse with a big blue train. This latest mod from creator Rainer Geis pays homage to the famous Thomas mods of old by replacing Flying Dragon Agheel with a fire-breathing tank engine.

"Yeah idk I just thought it was funny," wrote Rainer in the mod's description, adding they mostly created the mod "to learn flver editing."

Installation is relatively simple, although you'll first need to download the Mod Engine 2 for the Dark Souls series. After that, simply drag the "chr" folder into the Mod Engine 2's mod folder. This will replace Flying Dragon Agheel's character model with an oddly shiny version of Thomas, perhaps in preparation for some ray tracing DLC.

I should warn players that modding Agheel’s model does make the fight slightly more difficult. While it’s a bit easier to run up and swing with melee weapons, it’s a lot harder to tell where and when Agheel/Thomas will unleash its fire breath. But Elden Ring players are all about challenges, and that’s certainly on-brand with this mod.

But speaking of potential DLC, data miner Sekiro Dubi recently found flags for up to 30 new bosses and 16 potential NPCs. That's on top of earlier datamines that hinted at ray tracing support and two large new map areas.

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