Thor: Love And Thunder Comes Under Fire For Queerbaiting

Spoiler warning for Thor: Love and Thunder.

Thor: Love and Thunder is in cinemas now, and the hype train is in full swing. Both director Taika Waititi and the film's cast are bigging up the latest MCU romp, speaking about the story, sharing anecdotes from set, and most notably, talking about how gay it is. For some reason, both Waititi and Natalie Portman had hyped up Thor's gayness in the run-up to its premiere, boasting that it would be "super gay" through its depiction of LGBTQ+ characters.

However, Love and Thunder has been with us for a day now, and fans that made it to the first few showings are not impressed. The crew behind the latest Thor flick are being accused of spreading misleading statements and even queerbaiting the film, as some find its LGBTQ+ representation lacking.

"Before the Thor 4 screening last night Natalie Portman called it 'so gay'", tweets entertainment journalist Jack King. "Devastated to report — and really, you won't believe this — that she lied."

Writer Joanna Robinson agrees with this assessment of the film's queerness. "If you saw Natalie and Taika and Tessa call Thor: Love and Thunder 'SUPER gay' at the London premiere and ESPECIALLY if you’ve been rocking with Taika on Ou Fla Mean Death, I would lower my expectations for Thor. I’d call it mildly-moderately gay. A soupçon of gay. GayISH."

So, what gay stuff is in Thor: Love and Thunder? Well, it's mentioned that Valkyrie had a girlfriend. But like, she's dead now, because of course. Other than that, Korg alludes to having two biological dads, and gets a boyfriend at the end of the film. We see the dude for about a second though, so it's a gag more than anything else. All in all, the queer characters get nowhere near as much representation as the straights, with Thor and Jane taking up pretty much all of the romance.

Alas, despite Waiti's reassurances, Thor isn't "super gay". It's possible that there was more left on the cutting room floor, but we don't know that for sure. Waititi and the cast are yet to respond to this criticism.

If you want to check out the "so gay" film yourself, Thor: Love and Thunder is in theatres now.

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