Time On Frog Island: Guide To Brewing Drinks

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As you explore your new surroundings in Time on Frog Island, you'll soon come across lots of new frog neighbors and interesting things you can interact with. Some features you'll have to unlock by helping out the locals, others you'll naturally come across as you progress through the story and aim to fix up your boat.

In the frog village, there's a tavern on the eastern side where you can brew drinks in the machine just inside. By combining items, you can create a range of different brews, some of which have unexpected results. Here's everything you need to know.

How To Use The Brewing Machine

Inside the tavern, you can find the brewing machine in the corner. You can throw in two items at a time to brew a drink, after which you have to wait until the next day for it to be ready.

Combinations require one item to give color and one other ingredient. You can see which color you currently have selected in the panels above the barrel.

The next day, you can pull the handle below the panels to pour the drink into a glass. You can brew multiple drinks from each successful combination.

If you want to start a new recipe, you can pull the red lever to the left of the brewing machine to reset it and throw in new items.

Color Table

Color Ingredient
Blueberry Cyan
Coin Gold
Gooseberry Yellow
Green Apple Green
Red Apple Magenta
Strawberry Red

How To Unlock The Special Abilities

There are three special abilities you can unlock by brewing up the right recipe in the tavern. Here's what you need to combine together to unlock them.

Ability Brew Combination
any fruit + a blobfish

You can get the blobfish by using the Fisherman's crane trap and using a honey comb as bait.

Croak Ability
any fruit + a mushroom
Jump Ability
any fruit + a dodo egg

Dodo eggs can only be obtained once you have unlocked West Island as part of the Carpenter's quest line.

Tongue Ability

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