Tinyfolks: Complete Town Guide

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The town is your base of operations in Tinyfolks. It's where you'll recruit and train your folks, research upgrades, and buy new equipment for your adventures. Using resources you've collected from defeated enemies, you can construct and enhance the town's buildings to unlock new abilities.

Building up the town is a long and expensive process, and once you've finished you'll have everything you need to attack the Castle for the final battle. Below is an in-depth guide to every building and its upgrades to help you plan the development of your tiny town.


Level One: Recruit Folks

  • Cost: N/A (available at the start of the game).

Right from the start of your adventure you can recruit new folks at the Inn. One folk can be recruited each day for free. The starting class, Folk, isn't very powerful, so you'll probably want to spend some time and money training your new recruits unless you're doing a challenge run.

Level Two: Calm Night

  • Cost: 1200 Gold, 10 Wood.

Upgrading the Inn lets you pay Gold to recruit up to one trained folk per day. The class of this folk is random, so check back daily to see who is available. You can still hire one untrained folk per day for free as well.

Occasionally a Troubadour will be available for hire at the Inn. Troubadours can't be trained, so this is the only way to get one on your team.

An upgraded Inn also provides two beds in which injured folks can rest. A folk assigned to rest will fully recover their HP the following day, regardless of how bad their injuries were.

Level Three: Big Party

  • Cost: 5000 Gold, 50 Wood

When the Inn is fully upgraded, it's large enough to throw a party for your folks. Doing so costs 1000 Gold, and reduces the POW cost of all Capacities by five on any adventures taken the same day. It's a great idea to throw a party the day you attack the Castle – you'll need the extra POW!

You'll also get an extra bed for folks to rest in, allowing you to quickly heal three party members simultaneously. You can also recruit folks with advanced classes. They'll still start with basic equipment, but you won't need to spend time or money training them.


Level One: Melee Training

  • Cost: N/A (available at the start of the game)

The Barrack allows you to train your folks in the use of swords, upgrading them to a melee class. Training a basic folk once will change them into a Warrior, and each folk can have up to two trainings of any type to determine their class. Training a Warrior further will result in the following classes:

Class Training
Berzerker Barrack (Melee)
Knight Barrack (Shield)
Sorcerer Magicarium
Monk Temple
Captain Camp
Brute Slum

Level Two: Shield Training

  • Cost: 1200 Gold, 20 Wood

An upgraded Barrack allows you to train folks to focus on defense. A basic folk trained once with shields becomes a Guard, and can be further trained as follows:

Class Training
Tank Barrack (Shield)
Knight Barrack (Melee)
Warmage Magicarium
Templar Temple
Archer Camp
Ninja Slum

Each training facility can simultaneously train a number of folks equal to its building's level. The same goes for the Weapon, Armor, and Staff forges.

Level Three: Muscle Boost

  • Cost: 2500 Gold, 500 Wood, 20 Iron

The final upgrade for the Barrack lets you purchase a one-day buff for your folks. By paying 750 Gold and 5 Iron, all your folks that go adventuring the same day will deal five more damage with each attack. You can purchase the buff once per day, on as many days as you like.


Level One: Weapon Upgrade

  • Cost: N/A (available at the start of the game)

Melee and ranged weapons can be upgraded from the Forge. Each upgrade causes the weapon to deal more damage in combat. Each folk's weapon must be upgraded individually, but upgrades will carry over if a class change causes a folk to use a different weapon type.

If a folk dies in battle, all of their upgrades are lost with them – you won't be able to give the gear to another folk!

Blade Upgrade Cost Bonus
  • N/A
  • None
  • 50 Gold
  • +2 ATK
  • 75 Gold
  • 3 Iron
  • +5 ATK
  • 100 Gold
  • 10 Iron
  • +10 ATK
  • 150 Gold
  • 20 Iron
  • 1 Alloy
  • +15 ATK
Alloy Sword
  • 200 Gold
  • 30 Iron
  • 2 Alloys
  • +20 ATK
Bow Upgrade Cost Bonus
Small Bow
  • N/A
  • None
  • 50 Gold
  • 10 Wood
  • +3 ATK
  • 75 Gold
  • 20 Wood
  • +6 ATK
  • 100 Gold
  • 30 Wood
  • 10 Iron
  • +9 ATK
  • 150 Gold
  • 20 Iron
  • 10 Gems
  • +12 ATK
Alloy Bow
  • 200 Gold
  • 20 Gems
  • 1 Alloy
  • +15 ATK
Shield Upgrade Cost Effect
  • N/A
  • None
Steel Shield
  • 100 Gold
  • 5 Iron
  • +2 DEF
Alloy Shield
  • 200 Gold
  • 30 Iron
  • 1 Alloy
  • +5 DEF

Level Two: Armor Upgrade

  • Cost: 1000 Gold, 15 Wood, 5 Iron.

Like weapons, your folks' armor can be upgraded at the Forge once it's been leveled up. Both armor types – cloth and metal – can be upgraded from here, making it a one-stop shop.

Metal Armor Upgrade Cost Bonus
  • N/A
  • None
  • 50 Gold
  • 5 Iron
  • +10 HP
Plate Armor
  • 150 Gold
  • 25 Iron
  • +20 HP
Heavy Armor
  • 300 Gold
  • 50 Iron
  • 1 Alloy
  • +30 HP
Alloy Armor
  • 500 Gold
  • 3 Alloy
  • +50 HP
Cloth Armor Upgrade Cost Bonus
  • N/A
  • None
  • 50 Gold
  • 2 Gems
  • Capacities cost 2 less POW.
  • 100 Gold
  • 100 Gems
  • Capacities cost 5 less POW.
Silk Robe
  • 200 Gold
  • 20 Gems
  • Capacities cost 10 less POW.

Level Three: Artefact Forge

  • Cost: 2500 Gold, 20 Wood, 30 Iron, 3 Alloys

The Artefact Forge allows you to craft basic Artefacts, ensuring that your folks will always have an accessory to equip. The most powerful Artefacts still need to be found in battle or bought from the traveling merchants, however.

Artefact Components Effect
  • 1x Diamond
  • 1x String
The equipped folk gains +5 ATK and +5 DEF.
  • 1x Leather
  • 1x Fabric
  • 1x String
Enemies drop five percent more Gold while the equipped folk is in the party.
  • 1x Fabric
The equipped folk takes two less damage per turn from Bleed.
Good Shoes
  • 1x Leather
  • 1x Fabric
  • 1x String
The equipped folk's Capacities cost five less POW to use.
Spike Bracelet
  • 1x Leather
  • 1x Nails
  • 1x Flint
The equipped folk gets +10 ATK, but their maximum HP is reduced by 20.
  • 1x Coal
Attacks made by the equipped folk that inflict Burn will deal five extra damage with the initial strike.


Level One: Scroll Study

  • Cost: 500 Gold, 2 Gems.

Once you've built the Magicarium, you can train your folks in the arcane arts. The basic magic class is the Apprentice who can be further trained into one of the following advanced classes:

Class Training
Wizard Magicarium
Sorcerer Barrack (Melee)
Warmage Barrack (Shield)
Druid Camp
Mage Temple
Occultist Slum

Level Two: Staff Upgrade

  • Cost: 1000 Gold, 20 Wood, 10 Gems

Folks who use wands and staves can have their weapons upgraded at the Magicarium, enhancing their mystical powers. The King or Queen is counted among the game's staff users, so if you plan on going into battle alongside your folks this upgrade is practically a must.

Staff Upgrade Cost Effect
  • N/A
  • None
  • 100 Gold
  • 5 Wood
  • 5 Gems
  • +5 ATK
  • 150 Gold
  • 10 Wood
  • 20 Gems
  • +10 ATK
  • 200 Gold
  • 40 Gems
  • 1 Alloy
  • +15 ATK

Level Three: Rune Writing

  • Cost: 3000 Gold, 60 Wood, 20 Gems

When the Magicarium is fully upgraded, you can inscribe runes that will grant all your folks a permanent bonus. Each rune can only be crafted once, and its effects persist for the remainder of the campaign.

Rune Cost Effect
Curse Rune
  • 20 Gems
  • Bleed, Burn, and Poison inflicted by your folks last an additional turn before expiring.
Defense Rune
  • 20 Gems
  • All your folks' maximum HP is increased by five. This applies to future recruits as well.
Focus Rune
  • 20 Gems
  • All Capacities cost five less POW.

The Crystal Plain is the best place to gather Gems in the quantities you'll need for rune upgrades.


Level One: Faith Study

  • Cost: 600 Gold

Studying at the Temple teaches folks how to use prayer both to heal their allies and smite the wicked. An untrained folk who trains here will become a Priest. Priests can upgrade to one of the following advanced classes through more training:

Class Training
Saint Temple
Monk Barrack (Melee)
Templar Barrack (Shield)
Mage Magicarium
Shaman Camp
Sage Slum

Level Two: Theology

  • Cost: 1200 Gold.

An upgraded Temple lets you research permanent buffs for all your folks. Each Theology can only be researched once, and its effects remain for the rest of the campaign.

Research Cost Effect
Holy Shield
  • 100 Gold
  • 5 Gems
All folks gain +1 DEF.
Divine Touch
  • 100 Gold
  • 5 Gems
All folks recover five more HP when being healed.
Blessed Weapon
  • 100 Gold
  • 5 Gems
All folks gain +1 ATK.

Level Three: Holy Blessing

  • Cost: 3000 Gold

When the Temple is fully upgraded, you can visit it once per day to gain a defensive blessing. For a cost of 750 Gold and one Gem, all your folks will gain +2 DEF on any adventures they take on the same day. The blessing expires the following morning, but can be renewed if you pay for it again.


Level One: Hunting Practice

  • Cost: 400 Gold, 10 Wood

Training at the Camp teaches folks how to use bows and commune with nature. An untrained folk will become a Ranger the first time they train here. Rangers can attain the following advanced classes:

Class Training
Hunter Camp
Captain Barrack (Melee)
Archer Barrack (Shield)
Druid Magicarium
Shaman Temple
Assassin Slum

Level Two: Potion Craft

  • Cost: 800 Gold, 30 Wood

Once you've upgraded the Camp to its second level, you can start making your own potions. You'll need components that are dropped after battles, but it's much cheaper and more reliable than waiting for the merchants to come to town and hoping they have what you need.

Item Components Effect
  • 1x Root
  • 3x Fruit
Removes Burn, Bleed, and Poison from a single folk.
  • 1x Weird Shroom
  • 1x Small Shroom
Restores 50 HP to a single folk.
Big Potion
  • x1 Big Shroom
  • 1x Small Shroom
  • 1x Weird Shroom
Fully restores the HP of a single folk.
  • 1x Berries
  • 1x Fruit
Grants a single folk +15 ATK and 15 DEF for five turns.
Molotov Cocktail
  • 1x Sap
  • 1x Fabric
Deals 15 damage and inflicts Burn on a single enemy.
  • 1x Flower
  • 1x Root
Restores 100 POW to a single folk.

Level Three: Nature Study

  • Cost: 3000 Gold, 50 Wood, 10 Iron

A fully-upgraded Camp lets you research methods of reducing the impact of status effects on your folks. These come in handy against enemies and bosses at all stages of the game. Each upgrade can only be research once.

Research Cost Effect
  • 100 Gold
  • 20 Wood
Folks take two less damage per turn from Poison.
Flammable Resin
  • 100 Gold
  • 20 Wood
Folks take two less damage per turn from Burn.
Leaf Cataplasm
  • 100 Gold
  • 20 Wood
Folks take two less damage per turn from Bleed.


Level One: Night Shift

  • Cost: 300 Gold, 10 Wood

Sending folks to work the Night Shift will train them in skulduggery and dirty fighting, changing their class. The basic Night Shift class is the Thug, and Thugs can upgrade to advanced classes through continued training, as follows:

Class Training
Robber Slum
Brute Barrack (Melee)
Ninja Barrack (Shield)
Occultist Magicarium
Sage Temple
Assassin Camp

Level Two: Thieves' Guild

  • Cost: 900 Gold, 35 Wood

The Thieves' Guild lets you research looting techniques that will increase the rewards you get from battle.

Research Cost Effect
  • 400 Gold
Enemies drop more Gold.
Treasure Hunter
  • 400 Gold
Increases the drop rate of consumable items.
  • 400 Gold
Enemies drop more Wood, Iron, Gems, and Alloys.

Level Three: Black Market

  • Cost: 2500 Gold, 50 Wood, 10 Iron

The Black Market is like having the traveling merchants in town every day! It sells three items daily, constantly cycling its inventory. If the merchants are also in town, and you have the money, you can buy up to six items.

Town's End

Town's End is where you'll form your party for adventures. You can select a number of folks based on the town's population capacity; every two folks the town can sustain allows you to bring an extra party member along. You can also choose up to three consumable items to bring with you. These are destroyed when you use them in battle, there is no penalty for swapping out consumables to your heart's content at Town's End.

If you don't want to send your folks out adventuring, usually because they are busy training or resting, you can choose the Sleep option at Town's End to progress to the next day.

Every few days traveling merchants will arrive at Town's End. They sell a randomized assortment of consumables and Artefacts. If you have Gold on hand it's always worth perusing their wares before you set out.

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