Top 10 Xenoblade Chronicles Series Villains

The sprawling worlds and massive stories of the Xenoblade Chronicles series yield some incredible character writing. Even one-off sidequest characters are usually given detailed backstories and motivations. Yet still, among these excellent characters, some turn to darker paths.

Xenoblade Chronicles is known for having complex villains that serve as excellent foils for the various heroes throughout the series. Be it the enigmatic face mechon of the first game, Xenoblade Chronicles X’s alien invaders, or Xenoblade Chronicles 2’s terrorist team of Torna, all of these villains add something to the story. Well, except Gael’gar.

10 Gort – The Original Blade Eater

While Malos undoubtedly stole the show in Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna, The Golden Country, it’s difficult to dismiss this DLC’s secondary villain, Gort. Where Malos is a central villain in the overall story, Gort has a much more personal connection to Torna’s protagonist, Lora. It’s this very connection that makes for some of the darkest moments in the game.

While some of his early encounters are intriguing, it's his final appearance that earns his stripes as a villain in this series. The Blade Eater form that he sports is utterly terrifying, and the way that his fractured mind manifests borders on sympathetic, despite his lack of redeemable qualities.

9 Tyrea – Heiress Of The Bionite Order

Tyrea could have been a throwaway boss fight in Xenoblade Chronicles, and since her fight is so exhausting to begin with, many of us might have been happy with that, but her reintroduction in a sidequest late in the game adds a lot of depth to the character.

The High Entia politics actually influence a large portion of the main game’s story, and with the introduction of the Future Connected storyline with Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition, there was a lot more room to explore the Bionite Order. While Tyrea doesn’t work as a foil to Shulk, she’s the perfect opposition for Melia, a character who arguably steers the story almost as much as Shulk does.

8 Zanza – Half Of The Story, All Of The Evil

Xenoblade Chronicles undergoes a major change in its final act, with Zanza taking center stage as the main antagonist. There were seeds of his true nature planted throughout the story, but none of it prepares you for the massive destructive force he becomes near the end.

While future events would help to flesh out his character, Zanza is a bit straightforward. It's his set of powers and role in Shulk’s own journey that make him a fascinating bad guy, and one with a mortifying body count.

7 Jin – The Timelessly Tragic Tornan

Xenoblade’s love of the tragic villain is apparent, but seldom as detailed as Jin from Xenoblade Chronicles 2. His emotional backstory will resonate with you, as his ties to Lora are crucial to the man he eventually becomes.

Jin is more than just a brooding face. He’s a powerful blade with the ability to transcend the speed of light. While some might argue that he got off easy in terms of his atonement for his crimes, he undoubtedly pushed the story forward in major ways.

6 Egil – He Of Doubtless Conviction

Egil is the ultimate antagonist to Shulk. He’s a mirror of Shulk’s ambitions, a premonition of a version of our main character without undergoing his arc. The leader of the mechon is as passionate about his own vengeance as Shulk was at the beginning of the game.

Watching as Egil’s sense of self devolves into a state of delusion is difficult, even if you don’t meet him until late into the game. This tragic villain offers a lot of depth to an already amazing story.

5 Amalthus – The Wicked Heart of Alrest

Xenoblade Chronicle 2’s unfolding mystery is one of the best parts of its story. This is especially true in the case of the Indoline Praetorium, and its head, Praetor Amalthus. You’re introduced to Amalthus during the game’s middle section, and he appears to be an unlikely ally, relating with Rex’s struggles to control the mighty Aegis.

While the Amalthus heel-turn may have been predictable for some, it doesn’t change how menacing he becomes when he does give in to his wicked nature. He also puts his money where his mouth is! Sure, the power isn’t strictly his, but he definitely knows how to use it, wielding every titan in Alrest in an attempt to conquer the world and destroy Torna.

4 Dickson – The Best Guest You've Ever Had

A twist villain is often successful because it’s predicated on players having some semblance of care toward that character. In the case of Xenoblade Chronicles, Dickson served as the surrogate father for Shulk. Because he was so deeply connected to the main character, instances where he behaved suspiciously were easy to write off.

Dickson is more than just a twist villain though. His principles are nonexistent. He’s a powerful narrative tool that helps you to distinguish the world’s evils from the mechon you’ve been trained to associate them with.

3 Lao – Humanity's Last Crusader

The Ganglion of Xenoblade Chronicles X lead a lot to be desired, but their human spy Lao is a spectacular force in the narrative. Xenoblade Chronicles X is a story about lifeforms coming together to build a future on the planet Mira. Because the Ganglion are such a binary force, in terms of their alignment, you would be excused for finding the narrative fairly one-dimensional.

Thankfully, Lao preserves that sort of thematic higher thinking that the Xenoblade games excel at. He stands in as a monument to the failings of a classist government, and invites you to reconsider everything you think you know about NLA and humanity.

2 Malos – An Enigmatic Force Of Nature

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is a game far deeper in its execution than it appears on the surface. A lot of its characters have motivations rooted in a tragic painful past, and ambitions based in loss. But Malos is different, because his goals are intrinsically tied to an unending desire to party.

Malos shows up in numerous scenes, just hoping to get his powers back so he can keep the ball rolling on his plan to decimate Alrest. He commands the scenes he’s in with excellent voice performances and charming facial animations, and his boss fights always live up to the hype.

1 Metal Face – The First And Worst Xenoblade Villain

When discussing Xenoblade Chronicles, there’s one name that’s synonymous with villain. Metal Face is the most commanding presence in the entire series, completely overtaking every scene he’s in. From each wicked deed to the next, he exudes glee, celebrating, praising himself, and taunting his enemies.

Metal Face sets the original game’s story in motion, and from that opening sequence, he proceeds to drive the story forward with almost every decision he makes. The wickedness in his heart makes him a terrible person, but his ability to change the flow of a narrative makes him an exceptional villain.

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