Tour The Johto Region In Pokemon Go Next Year

Pokemon Go is five years old and still going strong. Those of you who stopped playing during that first glorious summer in 2016 haven't affected the ongoing success of the AR game by leaving. Pokemon Go developer Niantic is now worth $9 billion, and most of that can be attributed to the success of its mobile Pokemon game. It's certainly not thanks to Wizards Unite which will shut down for good in January 2022, less than three years after it launched.

Pokemon Go's litany of events is one of the main ways Niantic keeps trainers interested, and also how it brings lapsed players back in. One year on from its Kanto Tour, Pokemon Go will play host to the next region when touring them in chronological order, Johto. Niantic has revealed a slew of details about its Johto event, including when it will take place, ticket price, and some of the activities trainers will be able to partake in throughout.

Once you have bought your ticket, which will cost $11.99, you will need to pick either the Gold or Silver version of the tour. An homage to the Gold and Silver Pokemon games in which the Johto region was first introduced. You will have until the event begins at 9 am on February 26, 2022, to decide which version you want, but once you have made your choice there's no switching.

Much like the games, the version you choose will determine some of the Pokemon you will be able to find in the wild. You will also need to trade with someone who has the opposing version of the ticket in order to complete all of the Johto Tour challenges. The shiny Pokemon with increased spawn rates during the event will also differ depending on which version of the ticket you choose.

Everything else taking place during the Johto Tour will be the same for all ticket buyers, regardless of which version you choose. Every Pokemon from the Johto region will be a part of it, whether that be in raids, eggs, or the wild. That includes shiny variants of every gen two Pokemon, some of which will be making their Pokemon Go debuts. There will also be Johto-themed research and a step back into Kanto event the following day as an ode to Gold and Silver's end game.

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