Troy Baker Allegedly Hasn’t Refunded Pledges On Abandoned Crowdfunding Project

Amid Troy Baker's NFT controversy, allegations that the voice actor failed to deliver on a 2017 crowdfunding project have emerged. Fans claim that – even approaching five years since the project launched – they are yet to receive any physical items that were promised with their pledge. Most damningly, some claim that these items were then sold by Baker at conventions, as they still wait to receive them.

While this controversy has been quietly discussed since 2017, this renewed attention comes from an extensive Resetera thread on the matter. The crowdfunder was hosted on the now-defunct, and was in aid of funding music project Window To The Abbey. Pledge rewards include signed copies of the record, vinyl, and signed photos. While digital rewards were said to be distributed, these physical ones were allegedly not, nor did fans receive refunds.

Resetera user MinusTydus provides a breakdown of the project. "The crowdfunding goal was reached on April 17, 2017. Then the delays started. June 2017 became October 2017. October 2017 became 2018. 2018 became 2019. And in May 2019, PledgeMusic unceremoniously died."

From that point, communication continued, but no items were apparently received. MinusTydus also shares the last email they were sent on the matter:

"Hello Friends! First of all, we want to say thank you all so much for your continued patience with this project! I know it's been a long time coming! We have the CDs in hand and the vinyls are on their way to us! The handwritten lyrics and coffee table book are the remaining things that we're working on…"

MinusTydus isn't the only one to make these complaints. Twitter user @BlondeNinja221B shared a lengthy statement in February 2021, pleading with Baker to fulfil the pledges. "You gave so many of us so much hope, so many new friendships, and something to look forward to, & out of nowhere you just abandoned and scrapped it all together?" She also echos allegations of pledge items being sold at conventions, while also bringing up a separate incident.

"What you said on [JackSepticEye's] Christmas charity stream was absolutely heartbreaking. 'If you want to waste a bunch of money, make an album.' And then proceeded to give him a copy of both, when nobody else had received their pledge items".

In the replies, two other fans also claim to have not received items despite making pledges of $100. An Instagram page for the project is still up, but hasn't been updated since October 2018. The comments on the last post are full of other disgruntled fans, who also say they didn't receive the records they were promised.

Troy Baker is yet to respond to the allegations, with his few comments on the matter being to reassure fans that items will be sent out.

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