Two new Switch consoles due this summer claims insider

A cheaper model and a more powerful ‘enhanced’ version of the Switch are allegedly only months away from release.

For at least year now it’s been widely assumed that Nintendo would release a new model of the Switch within the next year or two.

There’s never been a shred of evidence, but the rumours are based on both unnamed sources in Japan and the simple logic that that’s what always happens to consoles, particularly Nintendo portables.

And now The Wall Street Journal again claims that there are in fact two new models being worked on, one of which at least will be released this summer.

Again, there’s only unnamed sources – including parts suppliers and developers – to go by but the article claims that one new model will have ‘enhanced features targeted at avid video-gamers’. It clarifies that the new model would not be as powerful as the PS4 Pro or Xbox One X (not that anyone would have thought otherwise) but offers no further details.

What exactly is meant by ‘enhanced’ is not clear, but Nintendo has multiple times, including with the 3DS, released new models of portable consoles that are slightly more powerful than the original model – as well as a handful of games that only run on the new version of the hardware.

The other new model is described as ‘a cheaper option for casual gamers’ that’s intended as a replacement for the aging 3DS – although it’s not specifically described as portable-only.

This possibility has been suggested many times by fans, even though it removes the meaning behind the Switch name. Although the biggest problem is how cheap Nintendo can make the hardware considering the large price disparity between the 3DS and current Switch.

As recently as January, Nintendo denied any plans for new hardware, or a price cut for the original Switch, but author Takashi Mochizuki has stood by the article on Twitter.

He also added that the designs of the new models are, ‘different from the original and you’d be surprised’ – adding that the cheaper version does not look similar to the PS Vita.

It’s speculated that the summer release date may mean an unveil at E3 in June, although given the low rate of success of Nintendo rumours it’s probably best to remain sceptical until then.

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