Two Upcoming DualSense Colours May Have Been Leaked

The few people who actually managed to get their hands on a PlayStation 5 will be thrilled to hear that there may be two new coloured variants of the DualSense controller coming soon.

The news comes courtesy of Spanish website, Area Jugones, which is well known for PS Plus related leaks. The website claims that a source with contacts inside Sony has claimed that red and black, as well as black and grey coloured variants of the DualSense will soon be announced. However, there are no images of these color schemes, nor a release date.

The DualSense controller is one of the PS5’s standout features, especially the adaptive triggers and haptic feedback. Games like Astro’s Playroom and Returnal integrated the features into gameplay seamlessly, offering players more options and greater gameplay immersion. It also looks pretty good, but fans have been asking about different colour schemes since the reveal, and it looks like we’ll finally see them.

Returnal especially has been a great showcase for the DualSense, with the haptic feedback buzzing at different degrees during rainfall or explosions in games. The adaptive trigger is the highlight however. The trigger locks at the halfway point, allowing you to aim down sights, but pressing it down further will give you an alternative attack. This technology has essentially added two more commands to the controller; you can already guess that it could be used for light and heavy attacks during melee gameplay as well.

However, the DualSense has also been showing signs of drift, resulting in a class action lawsuit. The law firm that represented six plaintiffs, recently updated the complaint to demand the case receive a jury trial. The update reads that the plaintiffs have “exercised their right under Sony’s terms-and-conditions to opt-out of arbitration to pursue their claims in court versus arbitration.” The same firm has been involved with Nintendo and Xbox drift suits, both of which have gone to arbitration.

A video teardown on YouTube also revealed that the DualSense’s joysticks have a lifespan of just over 400 hours. The video claims that anyone could have seen the drift issues coming, as the joystick hardware used in the controller has a history of “predictable, preventable issues.”

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