Ubisoft Is Pulling Support For Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint's support is ending after its final November update, Operation Motherland. The game launched in 2019 and was the first in Ubisoft's NFT push last year, but it's coming to a close after its three-year stint.

"The last four months marked the release of our final piece of content: the brand new Operation Motherland mode, tons of new items including the 20th anniversary iconic outfits and Quartz items for Ghost Recon: Breakpoint," the announcement read. "We will continue to maintain our servers for both Ghost Recon: Wildlands and Breakpoint, and we truly hope you will continue to enjoy the game and have fun playing in solo or co-op with your friends."

While Breakpoint is coming to a close, Ubisoft isn't done with the Ghost Recon series. It has a battle royale shooter in the works called Frontline which will take players to Drakemoor Island in a search for intel. You have to find that intel, extract with it, all while fending off other teams – a different spin on battle royale that's more Hunt: Showdown than Fortnite. It's unclear when it'll release, though.

Frontline was set to have a closed test, but that was delayed amidst the announcement's reception. It received 4,000 likes to a staggering 17,000 dislikes. The closed test has since been delayed indefinitely, and it's unclear when you can expect to dive in and give it a try.

There was also a lot of internal pushback to Ubisoft's blockchain plans, utilising cryptocurrency and NFTs to sell microtransactions in its games. We saw this with Breakpoint's Quartz line, a new set of in-game NFTs that players could buy and sell on the market, but hardly anyone bought them. Ghost Recon has had a few rocky months to put it lightly.

In other Ubisoft news, Rick and Morty are now playable in Rainbow Six Siege which has seen similar levels of backlash to the announcement of a Ghost Recon battle royale. That game is still getting support years after launch, though, so if you wanna get down with the kids and play like an esports pro, now you can with the added bonus of looking like a pair of cartoon characters.

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