Uncharted: The Lost Legacy – Every Hoysala Token Location

In the fourth chapter of Uncharted: A Lost Legacy, you will enter an open-world section that allows you to explore the environment. In this area, there are numerous collectibles to find, one of which is exclusive to chapter four – Hoysala Tokens. These collectibles are slightly different from the rest because finding all eleven will give you an item that will help you find the rest of the treasures in the game.

There are eleven Hoysala Tokens to collect, making this one of the easiest collectibles to find in the game. Once you collect all eleven, you can trade them in for the Queen’s Ruby bracelet, which will glow red when you are close to treasures, as well as unlocking certain areas in the game. Finding all eleven tokens and getting the bracelet will unlock the Yas Queen trophy/achievement. This guide will show you how to find every token and exchange it for the Queen’s Ruby bracelet.

Go To The Hoysala Temple

First, head to the Hoysala Temple in the northeast corner of the map.

Inside the temple is a map indicating the locations of every token.

Interact with the map to mark these Hoysala Token locations down onto your map. Interacting with the map will also lead you to your first Hoysala Token.

Owl Hoysala Token

At the Hoysala Temple, you will enter a room in the back with a map pointing to all of the other tokens. After you interact with the map, a door to your left will open, revealing the first Hoysala Token.

Lion Hoysala Token

Go to the spot marked above. There will be a lot of enemies over here, so clear them out.

Look for the destructible wall in this area. To blow up this wall, use a grenade or go to the lockbox in the back of one of the trucks to find a grenade launcher. Once the wall is gone, go inside.

The Lion Hoysala Token will be sitting on an altar here.

Horse Hoysala Token

Go to the location pictured above. Then, climb up the ruins to enter the temple in this spot.

Inside the temple, you will find a dial puzzle. To solve this puzzle, you will need to insert all the missing pieces and then form the image of a horse. The solution is as follows:

  1. Move the largest piece into the dial and then leave it on the right side of the dial.
  2. Move the middle piece into the dial.
  3. Grab the largest piece on the right side and bring it back to the left side.
  4. Leave the middle piece on the right side.
  5. Then pick up the largest piece on the left and leave it on the right side of the dial again.
  6. Now you can get the small piece into the centre.
  7. Grab the large piece of the puzzle on the right and leave it on the left side puzzle.
  8. Now get the middle piece in the dial.
  9. And then grab the large piece.
  10. All you have to do now is get the dial to form an image of a horse.

The door on your left will unlock, and you can collect the token in this room.

Tiger Hoysala Token

Head to the location pictured above.

This temple will have soldiers who have found the token and placed it inside a lockbox. Clear out the enemies and then pick the lockbox to collect this next token.

Swan Hoysala Token

Head to the location marked above, south of the Tiger Hoysala Token.

You will spot a stone elephant and in front of the elephant is a hole that you can dive in.

After you dive through the hole, you will find an air chamber underground, and in the back will be the Swan Hoysala Token.

Garuda Hoysala Token

Go to the location pictured above.

You will spot a temple high above the main road. To get up here, you will need to do a bit of climbing.

Behind you will be a cliff, you can climb up, alongside a few grappling points. Keep going past the lockbox (unless you need grenades) and swing to the area further back.

Use your grenade to blow up the destructible wall and go inside the back room.

Here you will find the Garuda Hoysala Token.

Bull Hoysala Token

At the location above, you will find a bunch of ruins.

Go to the middle of this area and press the switch at the altar. This area will activate a bunch of water fountains around this area. You will need to swing around the ruins in a clockwise pattern to quickly land on the fountains (which turn off each fountain). You have to do this swiftly because there is a timer. Then, once you turn off all of the fountains, rush back to the middle to collect the Bull Hoysala Token.

Peacock Hoysala Token

Go to the area highlighted above. This area has enemies, so be prepared for a small fight.

After you clear out the enemies, look for a destructible wall near the turret.

Go inside the temple to find the first Hoysala Token.

Boar Hoysala Token

Go to the spot marked above and then climb up the small tower beside the mudslide.

At the top of the tower, you will be able to rope swing to a pedestal. Keep using these pedestals to get across the mudslide.

Once you are on the other side, you will spot a small tunnel. Go into the tunnel.

In the tunnel, you will find the Boar Hoysala Token.

Elephant Hoysala Token

Go to the location marked above. Clear out the enemies.

Climb on top of the ruins and then grapple the lid on top of the well. Then, use the stone beam to create a makeshift pulley system when you jump down. The cover will pop off and Chloe will be able to climb down into the well.

Inside the well is the Elephant Hoysala Token.

Cobra Hoysala Token

Go to the location above.

Climb up the wall and turn around to shoot all of the bells. Then shoot at the bell next to you and the door. Doing so will open the door to the token room.

Go inside the room and collect the next token.

Queen’s Ruby Bracelet

Now that you have all eleven tokens, you need to return to the Hoysala Temple. Go back inside and find the room with the large map.

Insert your tokens at the base of the map, and the Queen’s Ruby bracelet will emerge from the altar. This bracelet will vibrate your controller and make a noise when you get close to an unfound treasure. Also, collecting this bracelet will open a room to your right, which has some treasures. There is also an optional conversation and photo opportunity in this locked area.

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