V Rising: How To Find And Defeat Solarus The Immaculate

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You've defeated almost all the V Blood Carriers in V Rising, and now you just need to face Solarus the Immaculate. This is currently the last boss in the game, which also means that he is the hardest to take on.

In this guide, we are going to go over how to find and defeat Solarus, as well as what the rewards are for successfully defeating him. Solarus the Immaculate is level 80, so you will definitely need some strong gear before you set out to find him. Now, let's take a look at where you can find Solarus.

Solarus The Immaculate Location

Solarus the Immaculate can be found within the Fortress of Light, in the Silverlight Hills. This is a giant fortress that is easy to find while looking at the map. When you hover over this area, you will see information about Solarus, including the fact that he is the grandmaster of Paladins.

The Fortress of Light will naturally cause Holy Radiation Damage, so we recommend bringing Holy Resistance Potions, as well as a cloak that can effectively resist this effect.

Battle Strategy

As mentioned earlier, Solarus the Immaculate is incredibly strong. Prior to taking him on, we strongly recommend having a gear level of 80.

Additionally, it's important to have a strong blood type. Blood types such as Brute or Scholar will prove to be useful during this battle. The fight against Solarus has three main phases, so let's take a look at each one below.

Phase One

Phase one will last until Solarus has 50 percent health remaining. During this phase, Solarus has a few attacks that he can use. You can check out the moves below.

  • Charge attack that stuns if you are hit
    • This attack can also deal Holy Radiation damage in two lines leading back from Solarus
  • Spark attack in an AoE
  • Ranged Sword-throw attack
  • When Solarus gets down to 60 percent heath, he uses a new move, in which he stands in the center of the arena and makes spinning circles that will cause sparks to cover the area.

    Although this is just phase one, these attacks can be quite deadly. We recommend sticking with ranged attacks so you can carefully avoid Solarus.

    Phase Two

    Once Solarus has 50 percent health, he will summon a Divine Angel. Similar to Solarus in the first phase, this angel has three main attacks which you can learn about below.

    • Swiping Melee attack
    • Charge attack with a spear
    • Ranged attack where the angel shoots out balls of light towards you

    While the Divine Angel is attacking you, you will not be able to attack Solarus. he will remain immune to your attacks, but he will also cause pillars of light to circle the arena.

    Phase Three

    The third phase will begin after you kill the Divine Angel. When this happens, Solarus will resummon the angel, who turns into the Fallen Angel.

    From here, you will need to fight Solarus, who has a deadly leap attack that can stun you. The Fallen Angel will attack you during this phase, but you should not kill her. If the angel dies, you will have two and a half minutes to kill Solarus before he summons the Divine Angel. This will force you to start at phase two again.

    The Fallen Angel will attack Solarus. This means that Solarus will attack the angel back; be sure to prevent Solarus from killing the Fallen Angel if you don't think you can defeat him in two minutes.

    Solarus The Immaculate Rewards

    Once you defeat Solarus, you will receive the Summon Fallen Angel ultimate ability. This is a powerful spell that summons a Fallen Angel to fight with you for 15 seconds. Additionally, attacks made by the angel will inflict Amplify, which causes enemies to take 25 percent more damage for five seconds.

    After defeating Solarus for the first time, you will also receive the Soul Shard of Solarus. This is a rare shard that provides the following effects.

    • Sun Resistance increased by 50
    • Primary Melee Attack Speed increased by 5%
    • Physical Power increased by 10

    You can place Soul Shards in your castle, which provides these buffs. If you are playing on a PvP server, the host can set the 'Soul Shard Amount', which dictates how many of the same shard can exist at the same time. When this is set to only once of each shard, then the first person to kill Solarus will get the shard, and he will not drop it again.

    That's all there is to know about Solarus the Immaculate! This fight is tough, so it's important to be prepared. Unlike other fights, you can't run away to catch your breath, since you are in an enclosed arena.

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