Valentino and Marc Jacobs release clothes for Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Two real-life fashion labels have created versions of some of their most popular items to download for free in Animal Crossing.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is many things, from gardening simulator to virtual doll’s house but many people’s favourite part is the dress-up element, where you can not only buy pre-made clothing but also create your own – and that goes for actual clothes companies as well as ordinary players.

Marc Jacobs and Valentino are the biggest brands so far to join the Animal Crossing party, but the way things are going they probably won’t be the last.

The animalcrossingfashionarchive on Instagram has become the main hang-out for virtual fashionistas, helping to organise many unofficial recreations of famous brands and outfits, but this time they’ve collaborated to make the real(-ish) thing.

‘So grateful to Valentino for creating an open conversation with artists on this platform, proving that the joy of creation translates into the digital realm and beyond’, reads the post on Instagram.

To get the outfits for yourself all you need to do is visit the Abel Sisters at their tailors and use the terminal at the back of the shop. The Valentino creator code is MA-1182-5456-5837, which will give you access to everything they’ve made so far.

The Marc Jacobs collaboration works in a similar manner, with six of their outfits created for the game, including a balloon-hem dresses and a couple of sweaters.

The creator code for Marc Jacobs is MA-6128-9720-4153 or any of the clothes can be downloaded individually or by using their QR codes.

The Getty Museum in L.A. has also been very proactive with Animal Crossing, offering up its entire art collection for download. Although that was before the in-game art gallery opened up.

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