Valheim: The Elder Boss Guide

The Elder is the first real challenge in Valheim. You won’t stand a chance against the hulking monstrosity unless you’re fully prepared, which includes amassing an arsenal of upgraded weapons, armor, and careful strategy. In Valheim, preparation is everything, and The Elder will severely punish any survivor that tries to rush into this fight. With the right tools, however, anyone can make short work of this tree beast. If you’ve already dispatched with Eikthyr, here are the best strategies for defeating The Elder in Valheim.

Where Do You Find The Elder?

Unlike Eikthyr, you’ll have down a bit of hunting to track down The Elder. Valheim’s procedurally generated world ensures that The Elder will spawn on either your starting island a very nearby one, but it can sometimes feel like finding a needle in a haystack to track down the boss’s altar.

Luckily, there’s a tracking system in place to help you find The Elder a bit faster. While exploring Burial Chambers around the map, you will occasionally find a stone tablet. Interacting with the tablet will mark the location of The Elder on your map permanently. You can find Burial Chambers throughout the Black Forest biome guarded by skeletons. If you can’t find The Elder’s altar, try exploring all of the Burial Chambers you can find.

Once you find The Elder’s spawn, you’ll need to burn three Ancient Seeds in the fire bowl at the center of the altar to summon him. Ancient Seeds are a guaranteed drop from Greydwarf Spawners, the glowing green pillars that Greydwarf spawn from. It’s likely you’ll find a number of spawners in the immediate area around The Elder’s altar. You should destroy these to collect Ancient Seeds if you need them, but more importantly, to ensure that Greydwarf do not continue to spawn as you fight The Elder.

How Do You Beat The Elder?

First and foremost, you need to go into the fight prepared. You should absolutely craft a full set of bronze armor (Bronze Helmet, Bronze Plate Cuirass, and Bronze Plate Leggings) as well as either a deer hide or troll hide cape. This armor will slow you down a lot more than the deer or troll armor, but you need to wear it to survive The Elder’s attacks, and he can easily one-shot you.

The only weapon you should use in this fight is a Finewood Bow with fire arrows. A stack of 20 fire arrows costs eight wood, eight resin, and two feathers. If you’ve been killing Greydwarf around the Black Forest the resin should come easy. If you’re low on feathers you will need to hunt seagulls in the Meadow and Black Forest biomes with either regular arrows or the spear. This will likely take some time, but it’s well worth it.

The Elder has a number of pretty devastating attacks. He will most often do a close-range stomp attack or a long-range attack with vines. Occasionally, we will raise his arm and summon vines from the ground that will attack you at close range. Because of the extreme level of chaos in this fight, it’s best to keep your distance from The Elder and take shots at him when it’s safe.

The Elder’s ranged attack has a much longer range than your bow. This can make it hard to land shots on the boss when you’re trying to keep your distance, but fire arrows will actually apply burn to The Elder even if the arrow itself was fired from out of range. This makes it possible to spam The Elder with fire arrows from long range and kill him even if you never actually land a direct hit. Of course, direct hits will do significantly more damage, but with enough fire arrows, you can safely pick away at The Elder from long range. Keep your distance and run to one side or the other any time he attacks with his finger vines. It’s no use trying to back away from them because they have extraordinarily long-range. Once you defeat The Elder, you’ll receive the Swamp Key and be well on your way to the next boss fight.

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