Valve Index pre-orders begin at £919, Half-Life VR still a possibility

That price includes the HMD headset itself, two controllers (which are compatible with all existing Steam VR games), and the 2.0 base station (for external tracking of the headset and your movements).

If you already own Vive or Vive Pro then you can mix and match some hardware, with the Valve Index headset and controllers available separately for £689, the headset alone for £459, or the controllers as a set for £259.

The first wave of units are planned to ship somewhere between 28 June and 1 July, including in Europe.

Although the Valve Index will become the most advanced VR headset available that clearly comes at a cost, but to sweeten the deal Valve has claimed it has three ‘flagship’ VR games in production, one of which will be out this year.

They haven’t said what any of them are but rumours yesterday suggested one was related to Half-Life, even if it wasn’t actually Half-Life 3. Valve has said nothing either way, but for the first time in many years a new Half-Life game does seem a (remote) possibility.

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