Warframe: How To Farm Voidplumes

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Warframe's Angels of the Zariman update has brought with it a new resource type. Aboard the Zariman are Voidplume shards, a valuable resource that behaves similarly to Syndicate Medallions. Progressing The Holdfasts Syndicate and crafting Incarnon weapons will require a vast stockpile of Voidplumes.

Fortunately, this resource is quite easy to get. Whether you farm bounties or explore every room aboard the Zariman, you'll be able to earn various Voidplume types to progress your Holdfast reputation and more. This guide will go over what Voidplumes are, all five Voidplume types, and the best farming strategies for earning this valuable resource.

What Are Voidplumes?

Voidplumes are a currency type tied to the Zariman tileset, a location that unlocks upon completing the "Angels of the Zariman" questline. This resource is mainly used as faction reputation for The Holdfasts Syndicate, although it's also required to purchase or craft certain items sold by Holdfast NPCs.

All Voidplumes function similarly to Syndicate Medallions, hidden collectibles that can be redeemed for standing. Three of the five rarities only spawn in the Zariman tileset as hidden objects, with the other two rarities coming from bounties or tileset challenges. If you want to use Incarnon weapons or max The Holdfasts faction, you'll need a hefty stockpile of each Voidplume type.

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Every Voidplume Type

There are five Voidplume rarities you'll find aboard the adrift Zariman:

Plume Rarity Acquisition
Voidplume Down Common Spawns in every Zariman mission (0-5)
Voidplume Vane Uncommon Spawns in every Zariman mission (2+)
Voidplume Crest Rare Spawns in every Zariman mission (1)
Voidplume Quill Rare Reward from bounties (1-4) and Media Caches (1)
Voidplume Pinion Very Rare Drops from slain Dormant Void Angels (1)

Each Voidplume gives the following Holdfast reputation:

  • Down: 500 Standing
  • Vane: 1,000 Standing
  • Crest: 2,000 Standing
  • Quill: 2,500 Standing
  • Pinion: 5,000 Standing

Voidplumes are not affected by Resource Boosters. However, you can Desecrate slain Angels to spawn additional Voidplumes.

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Voidplume Down, Quill, And Crest Farm

Voidplume Down, Quill, and Crest variants can all be found in any Zariman mission. They behave similarly to Syndicate Medallions. Eight Voidplumes will spawn in the level, one of which will always be a Crest. Two will always spawn as Quills, while the remaining five are either Down or Quill Voidplumes.

The best farm for these Voidplumes is to speedrun Halako Perimeter with as much Loot Radar as possible. Halako Perimeter is an Exterminate mission that spawns a ton of side rooms. You'll want to bring a large AoE weapon like the Kuva Bramma or an AoE Warframe—Xaku and Limbo are good picks.

Voidplume Assistance

Unlit orbs can be found scattered across the Zariman. Activate them to spawn the ghost of a Tenno. They'll lead to you the closest Voidplume, Zariman Accolade, or Somachord Tone.

Additionally, the Golden Instinct ability from the Helminth system can lead you to nearby Voidplumes.

Spawn into the mission, and begin to lay waste to any bootable containers on your minimap. If any icons persist after you bombard the area, it's either a Voidplume or a Zariman Accolade. Grab any Voidplumes you found, and repeat until you've finished the level. Rinse and repeat until you have enough Voidplumes.

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Voidplume Quill Farm

Farming bounties is the fastest way of earning Voidplume Quills. This resource can also drop from Media Caches scattered across each Zariman level, yet bounties give far more Quills. You'll want to run bounties tied to Exterminate or Void Flood; Void Cascade and Mobile Defense usually have lengthy bounties that take too long to complete. Void Armageddon bounties are hit-or-miss.

Steel Path does not increase the amount of Voidplumes given by Holdfast bounties. Run these missions at normal difficulty.

Higher-tier bounties give more Quills, so run the highest-tier you can that doesn't have a lengthy challenge. Some good bounty challenges include:

  • Kill 150 Grineer/Corpus.
  • Defeat a Dormant Void Angel (useful for farming Pinions).
  • Complete the mission within the time limit.

The faster you can complete the challenge, the faster you can extract and claim your Voidplume Quills.

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Voidplume Pinion Farm

Voidplume Pinions only drop from Dormant Void Angels, boss units that spawn in every Zariman level. Interact with the Angel to awaken it. Killing these Angels will drop one Pinion. While you can't boost this with Resource Boosters, you can use Nekros' Desecrate ability to loot an Angel's body again, giving you a slight chance of earning a second Pinion.

The best Voidplume Pinion farm is farming Halako Perimeter or any bounty with a Dormant Angel objective. If a bounty has a Dormant Angel objective, we recommend farming that since the Angel will be marked on your HUD for the entire mission. However, once you learn where the Dormant Angels can spawn, Halako Perimeter is faster.

Have someone in your squad play Nekros to Desecrate the Angel when it dies. You'll have a high chance of earning a second Pinion shard and another Arcane. If you want to farm for Arcanes, consider running this mission in Steel Path difficulty and having multiple Nekros Warframes in your squad to maximize your chance of receiving more loot.

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The Best Voidplume Reputation Farm

If you're looking for a reputation farm, you have two options:

  1. Farm Holdfast bounties.
  2. Farm Dormant Void Angels.

We recommend farming bounties for most players. Keep an eye out for Exterminate or Void Flood bounties, as they are fairly easy to speedrun. Beyond that, you can also run Halako Perimeter with Nekros and an AoE weapon. Nuke all objects on your minimap, and grab any Voidplumes you find. Keep your eyes out for the Dormant Angel on the level, slay it, then use Desecrate to get two Pinions. Farming Pinions is slightly faster if you're in a coordinated group, but bounties are more straightforward. Pick your preference.

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