Warzone Matches Are Ending Early And No One Knows Why

Warzone matches are ending early, and no one seems to be sure if it’s a bug or if hackers are to blame.

Warzone players are reporting instances of matches ending prematurely, and it remains unclear why exactly it’s happening. The issue was first flagged by streamer BisaG10 and reported by PC Gamer. The streamer is playing Warzone when the match comes to an end even though multiple players remain. 18 of them to be exact. The ending even comes with a killcam from another player and everyone remaining is awarded first place.

Unlike Fortnite in China, Warzone matches don’t end until one player or squad remains. There isn’t a situation where multiple players should be awarded first place. Another instance of this happening has also been reported, complete with more evidence, by fellow streamer Luke Frost. In Frost’s case, there were a lot more than 18 people left in the match.

There’s a chance that this can be attributed to a bug. However, if that is the case, it’s unclear what triggers it. The unexpected ending isn’t happening when a match hits a certain number of players, nor when the circle is a certain size or in a certain place. The more likely scenario is hackers have discovered a way to end matches early.

Someone is having a bad round, or on the brink of being sent to the Gulag, and they do something that triggers what can be seen above. That not only allows them to duck out of the match early, but it also registers a win on their record. Everyone else left in the match getting a win too is a small price to pay. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time Activision has been faced with a hack to fix.

Warzone has been plagued by hackers and cheaters during its first year. Just last month, more than 60,000 cheaters were banned after notable streamers threatened to leave the game. There’s also the infamous infinite stim glitch which refuses to go away, although a recent patch may have finally rid the game of it for good this time. As for the early match ending mystery, it might be frustrating, but at least it’s a win if you get caught up in it, albeit a very hollow one.

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