Warzone Player Discovers Bug That Lets You Teleport

Call of Duty: Warzone is one of those games that is so big and so detailed that you seemingly have to accept that there are going to be weekly bugs and glitches that players will stumble across during their time in Verdansk. Some of these are recurring, like the infinite stim glitch. Others are novel and can’t be recreated at will, like this teleportation glitch that was accidentally discovered by one Warzone player.

Since the massive nuke found in Call of Duty’s fictional city of Verdansk failed to destroy the map, players have been left to continue to traverse the massive city. Undoubtedly, the easiest and fastest ways to get around are either by train or by vehicle. Of course, if players can figure out how to replicate this teleportation glitch, teleportation would probably become the preferred method of transportation.

Redditor u/Iguana_Mike shared a clip of his friend’s accidental teleportation trick on Reddit. The friend is trying to jump through a window at a gas station when they are teleported 200 meters away to an airport. As you would expect after teleporting over 200 meters, your vision takes a second to become clear—which is what we see when the game renders in the sudden change of scenery.

After everything is rendered in, we get a chance to see what might have happened. The person in the video appeared outside of a parked truck as if they had been traveling in it and had simply got out. Of course, the obvious hole in that theory is that the person was nowhere near a vehicle when the glitch occurred—making it difficult or impossible to replicate. However, other people mention experiencing something similar during their time in Verdansk, though nobody has been able to repeat the trick on a consistent, or purposeful, basis.

Luckily, it looks like the person in this clip has spent a decent amount of time training in Verdansk. There is a brief moment of panic as they try to get their bearings on what happened, but the second thought that comes to mind is to find cover. While there are potential benefits to teleportation, there are also various dangers, like popping into existence next to an enemy squad. If this happens to you, we hope that you’re able to keep just as calm.

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