Warzone season 3 release date and time: Call of Duty Vanguard update early patch notes

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Warzone and Call of Duty Vanguard fans will get a whole host of new content this week with the season 3 update about to launch. Season 3 of Warzone and COD Vanguard – which has been dubbed Classified Arms – officially launches on Wednesday April 27. The new season of Call of Duty and Warzone will be going live at 5pm UK time on launch day, which is 12pm eastern and 9am pacific time.

That is the exact same time and date that the Warzone season 3 update will be available to download – but the Vanguard update will be rolling before then.

The season 3 update for Call of Duty Vanguard will be going live on Tuesday April 26 at 9am pacific time, 12pm eastern and 5pm UK time.

The inbound new Call of Duty Warzone and Vanguard season has been dubbed ‘the monster of all seasons’.

And that’s because season 3 Classified Arms will be getting plenty of content as well as a limited-time event based on the MonsterVerse.

So if you’re a fan of recent films like Godzilla vs Kong or Skull Island or – of course – the Toho original Gozilla films then you’ll have plenty to look forward to.

Themed content on the horizon includes Kong and Gozilla operator skins as well the Operation Monarch event which launches on May 11.

If you’re wondering what’s coming in season 3 of Warzone and Vanguard, and are looking for some early patch notes, then here’s what you can expect…


For Operation Monarch, Operators can become more than elite: with the help of limited-time Bundles based on Godzilla, Mechagodzilla, and Kong, they can become a (human-sized version of) the ultimate superspecies.

Tracer Pack: Kong Limited Time Bundle

Ready to rule the island?

The Tracer Pack: Kong Limited Time Bundle celebrates a Titan with nearly 90 years of history with nine items, including a Legendary “Kong” Operator Skin for Wade inspired by the ruler of Skull Island.

Wield the power with three Legendary Weapon Blueprints: the “Temple of Kong” Sniper Rifle and “Skull Island Shaker” SMG which shoot jungle green tracers, as well as “Kong’s Scepter,” a variant of the Axe “Skål Crusher” melee weapon that turns it into the weapon Kong’s ancestors supposedly crafted.

The rest of the Bundle includes items based off Kong: a powerful “Gravity Inversion” Finishing Move, a “Primal Power” Spray, a “Jia’s Doll” Weapon Charm, a “Kong Roar” Animated Emblem, and a Vanguard-exclusive “Watch Your Back” Highlight Intro.

Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone season two trailer

Tracer Pack: Godzilla Reactive Mastercraft Limited Time Bundle

Prepare to intimidate your opponents with the Tracer Pack: Godzilla Reactive Mastercraft Limited Time Bundle, a nine-item pack based on the beloved reptile.

In addition to the Legendary “Godzilla Ghillie” Operator Skin for Shigenori, fans of Godzilla can be like their favorite Titan with the Ultra “Breath of Godzilla” Mastercraft Weapon Blueprint. This Assault Rifle is stylized to look like a miniature version of the beast and shoots icy-blue heat ray tracers similar to that of Godzilla’s signature heat ray attack.

This Bundle also contains a Legendary “Awakened Alpha” LMG, a devastating “Gojira Stomp” Finishing Move, a “Protector of Earth” Calling Card, two Sprays, a “Godzilla Heat Ray” Animated Emblem, and a Vanguard-exclusive “Big Mistake” MVP Highlight.

Tracer Pack: Mechagodzilla Limited Time Bundle

But the Titans are not alone. In a time of monsters, humanity built its own… designed to make us the ultimate dominant species. A precision engineered Apex Predator: Mechagodzilla!

Don its armor and become the apex hunter you were born to be with the Tracer Pack: Mechagodzilla Limited Time Bundle. With this Bundle, you get the Legendary “Mechagodzilla” Operator Skin for Constanze, and nine other items, with two — the “Machine Learning” MVP Highlight and the “Rival Protocol” Highlight Intro — being Vanguard exclusive.

The rest of the items are the finest that Apex Cybernetics could forge: the Legendary “Cybernetic Destroyer” Assault Rifle, the Legendary “Neural Uplink” SMG, the deadly “Nanometal Tail Blade” melee weapon, a “Network Uptime” Watch, “Mechagodzilla Head” Charm, and its very own logo featured as the “Evolving Together” Emblem.

All three Bundles will be available during Operation Monarch — stay tuned for offiial updates on their exact release dates.

Bonus Limited-Time Bundle Incentive: Get Additional Rewards by Collecting Operation Monarch Bundles

During Operation Monarch, it might take more than one Titan to dominate Caldera.

Those who want to become the ultimate superspecies collector and purchase multiple Operation Monarch Bundles — the Kong, Godzilla, and Mechagodzilla packs — before June 16th will receive additional rewards.

Purchase any two Bundles to receive the exclusive “Godzilla vs. Kong” Weapon Sticker and the “Superspecies” Player Title. Grab all three, and you’ll receive a Legendary “Apex Phase Rifle” SMG, one that could make a colossal statement in close-quarters engagements.

These bonus rewards will be granted when Classified Arms is Reloaded later this season.

Plus for a limited time, all members of Team Kong, Team Godzilla, and Team Monarch can head over to Monsterverse.com for an exclusive set of Godzilla vs. Kong Calling Cards to show off your Titan team spirit or flex your Monarch security clearance level in battle.

The Season Three Battle Pass: Classified Arms, New Skins, and More

Before the Monster of All Battles begins, Operators can gear up with Season Three Battle Pass, highlighted by prototypical weaponry and over two dozen free items through the Battle Pass System:

– Two Hard-Hitting Free Functional Weapons. Aim true with the hard-hitting M1916 or spray a torrent of rounds with the blazing-fast Nikita AVT, both for use in Multiplayer, Zombies, and Warzone.

– Over 25 Free Items, Including New Reticles, Weapon Blueprints, Calling Cards. Diversify your optics with the “Wide Eye” and “Box Out” reflex reticles. Equip new Weapon Blueprints like the “Retrofashioned” Shotgun, “Regimental” Marksman Rifle, and the Legendary “Photon Phantom” Pistol. Show off the new “Factory Settings” and “Core Reaction” Calling Cards, plus a new Charm, Operator Skin, and MVP Highlight, free for all players.

– Race Ahead to Tier 25 with the Battle Pass Bundle. Pick up the Battle Pass Bundle to get access to all 100 Tiers and immediately skip ahead 25 Tiers*, netting immediate access to a quarter of the Season Three Battle Pass items with a single purchase, plus access to three new Legendary Beatrice Skins.

– 1,300 Total COD Points. Get 300 free COD Points within the Battle Pass System, plus 1,000 more to unlock across the full Battle Pass.

Recruit Mateo Hernandez, Instantly Unlock Additional Rewards with Battle Pass Purchase

Purchasing the Season Three Battle Pass grants the following instant rewards at Tier 0:

New Operator — Mateo Hernandez

Born into a large immigrant family in Texas, Mateo Hernandez dreamed of becoming a civil engineer. He joined the Navy and fought as a tail gunner in the Pacific.

Learn more about him, and the rest of Task Force Harpy, in our biographical overview for the new squad here.

Purchasing the Battle Pass instantly unlocks Mateo Hernandez with two Legendary Operator Skins: the all-black “Chingon” outfit featuring a hooded skull mask and knee-length coat, and the blue and orange “Madcap” Skin for the eccentric fighter rushing madly toward victory.

Equip his Favorite Weapon, the new M1916, and level him up to unlock thousands of Player XP and Weapon XP for the M1916, two additional Operator Skins, two Quips, the “No Escape” Finishing Move, and more.

Daniel Skin, Shotgun Weapon Blueprint, XP Boosts

Rare “Mountain Night” Daniel Yatsu Operator Skin: A fit made to excel in even the harshest alpine weather, featuring gloves, a bomber jacket, binoculars, and a sheepskin trapper’s hat.

Legendary “Machine Envy” Shotgun Blueprint: Equip this sleek black and yellow Shotgun Charlie Weapon Blueprint complete with ten attachments focused on precision fire with additional headshot damage, bullet velocity, and range.

Season Three XP Boost: Enjoy a season-long 10% XP boost for the most efficient route toward Prestige Master. This boost stacks on top of others, including the 10% Warzone XP boost for Vanguard owners and other boosts from tokens and favored weapons.

45-Minute Double Weapon XP Token: Level up your new Season Three weapons in no time.

Three Riveting Bonus Skins, Exclusive to the Battle Pass Bundle

Get an even better value for Season Three with the Battle Pass Bundle, which includes access to all 100 Tiers, 25 Tier Skips*, and three Legendary Bonus Skins for Beatrice Mercier:

The “Desert Death” Operator Skin equips the French resistance fighter with Steampunk armor, complete with goggles, breathing apparatus, and a golden finish on its metal mask. This outfit, as well as the “Deadly Kingdom” and “Garroter” Skins, which have silver and black masks, respectively, are all unlocked with purchase of the Battle Pass Bundle.

Two Free Functional Weapons — M1916 and Nikita AVT

Like previous seasons, the Season Three Battle Pass System gives you two weapons with which to build a new Loadout. And with Classified Arms, Captain Butcher made sure to pick only the most powerful prototypical weapons — yours for free at Tier 15 (M1916) and Tier 31 (Nikita AVT).

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