Watch A Hamster Solve A Portal-Themed Maze

This is a triumph. I’m making a note here: huge success. And it’s all thanks to Captain Hamster.

That’s the name of the hamster, according to its YouTube page. Its owner has been known to post videos of Captain Hamster going through elaborately staged mazes and eventually winding up a delightful prize–at least, to a hamster.

In this case, the prize is cake.

The star of the show is less Captain Hamster itself and more the crazy stages that it has to puzzle its way through. The first room is a replica of Chell’s cell at the beginning of Portal–just clear plexiglass with a toilet and a weird bed. Captain Hamster materializes in this space and then the door opens to begin the adventure.

Although there are no actual portals in this maze, the entry and exit to each puzzle are portal shaped, and there are plenty of Companion Cubes around along with Portal-themed cameras and Aperture Science hamster wheels. Just like the real Aperture Science.

Captain Hamster is a very clever hamster and is able to solve all the nefarious puzzles set in its way. The cake is not a lie.

If you can’t get enough Portal, then keep an eye on Portal Reloaded. It’s an upcoming mod that refreshes the Valve classic with a third portal type to make it even harder to think with portals.

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