Watch: Panasonic's VR Glasses, HTC's 'All-In-Two' & More

We’re discussing live with our audience on YouTube at 1 pm Pacific today diving into the latest VR-related hardware news.

We’ll be discussing Panasonic’s upgraded super-slim VR glasses, HTC’s recent comment suggesting that 2021 is going to be a big year for “all-in-two” gadgets which connect a headset to a device like a smartphone, as well as new VR laptops that should be capable of running high-end VR games.

That’s a lot to cover and we’ll get into it live with our audience. We can read YouTube comments in VR so if you have a question or comment we might read it during the show and make it part of the discussion. Tune in right here:

Our recording studio is made in-house by David Heaney using Unity and some of the latest VR technologies, including Facebook’s hand tracking. In recent weeks he’s been working to reduce audio latency so there’s a better matchup between what we’re saying and the movements of our avatars. The improvement leads to a more cohesive and smoothly flowing conversation overall — and it makes it just a tiny bit more fun to meet up in VR for these talks.

On Thursday we’ll be back again with a games-focused discussion in the VR Download, so be sure to subscribe to our channel to get notifications of those broadcasts and stay up-to-date on gameplay videos, video reviews, live talk shows, interviews, and more original content. You can also see lots of our past archived streams over in our YouTube playlist or all livestreams here on UploadVR and various other gameplay highlights.

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