Weekend Hot Topic: Most anticipated video game

Readers name the games they’re most looking forward to from The Game Awards and the ones they’re still hoping will be announced.

With The Game Awards being the last major reveal event of the year, the subject for this week’s Hot Topic asked what you’re the most excited about and what game you’re still upset hasn’t been announced.

There were plenty of different suggestions, with Elden Ring and Zelda: Breath Of The Wild 2 being amongst the most anticipated, but with so relatively few new releases this year most admitted that their most wanted list for 2022 is still largely the same as for 2021…

Maximum anticipation
I can’t say I was particularly excited about anything at The Game Awards. The Star Wars game looked nice but then you realise it’s by the guy that wrote Beyond: Two Souls, which gets a big yikes from me. So in the end the games I’m most looking forward to are the same as ever: Zelda: Breath Of The Wild 2, Elden Ring, and God Of War: Ragnarök.

Only one of those was at The Game Awards and to be honest the new Elden Ring trailer didn’t really add anything new since my anticipation is already at maximum and there wasn’t really much new information.

Zelda and God Of War I have basically zero concern over the quality, just when they’re going to be released. I don’t believe either developer would release the games unfinished or not up to their standards which means I also don’t fully believe they’ll be out next year. Good things come to those that wait though, they say.

Obviously, probably
I suppose in theory my most anticipated new game is GTA 6 but I’m so beyond speculating as to when it’ll come out that I don’t even know what to think about it any more. Obviously (probably?) it’s going to come out at some point but there seems to be no clue as to when, with what little hint there is being that it’ll be later rather than sooner.

Rockstar wouldn’t even announce Bully 2, according to rumours, for whatever reason. Maybe because they’re worried about the quality, given what happened to the GTA 3 remasters, but I don’t see how that would’ve stopped the usually low info Game Awards reveals.

To be honest it gets a bit tiring always looking forward to games that aren’t even announced yet. I wish I was excited about Elden Ring as some people, it’d make things a lot easier.

No show
The game I was most hoping to see at The Game Awards was Starfield, so I was a bit upset to find not a mention. Unlike Bully 2 there doesn’t even seem to be a rumour that it was ever intended to be there, which I feel is a shame.

Maybe that means Bethesda are back on their ‘don’t say anything until six months before it’s out’ schedule but I thought they’d given that up a while back. Who knows what’s going on with the coronavirus about though. I just hope I’ve got something to look forwards to that’s more than just some concept art soon.

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Into the vibe
I’m really looking forward to Gotham Knights and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge.

I’ve always like the idea of the Gotham Knights game and this year I’ve been reading the Nightwing comic, which has made want to play as Dick Grayson all the more.

I’m a long time Turtles fan and Shredder’s Revenge looks like it’s going to be a fun, retro blast!

I’m also looking forward to Evil West from Flying Wild Hog. I really enjoyed Darkwatch on PlayStation 2 and this looks like a third person spiritual sequel.

I’ll admit that I still enjoy the hype of games being revealed early, of course I’d rather see gameplay but some CGI trailers can be very effective in capturing the vibe of a game.

Still waiting
I can’t think of much that hasn’t already been announced that I could possibly look forward to more than the three games I’ve had on my wish list for literally years now. Those are Metroid Prime 4, Zelda: Breath Of The Wild 2, and Elden Ring. All pretty obvious choices, though, and my hype for Zelda and Metroid is probably outmatched by curiosity and uncertainty right now.

That also applies to another game I’ve been really keen on since it was announced, though, which is Marvel’s Midnight Suns. While the card-based combat system has been the subject of premature complaints, I think Firaxis has earned my interest through their pedigree alone. But a game with the depth and satisfaction of XCOM in the Marvel comic universe just sounds brilliant on paper. A while ago I wrote into a Hot Topic about best use of existing IP and suggested XCOM x X-Men and this is probably the closest we’ll get to that.

In terms of what could possibly be announced in the future that would shoot to the top for me, maybe a Smash Bros. Ultimate treatment of Mario Kart, with a modern remake of every track and racer ever featured in the series. To match that, the next 3D Mario game being an ambitious open world game is definitely something that would help the series evolve in terms of ambition, if Zelda is anything to go by. I could see these both being early Switch 2 titles.

Funnily enough, I imagine Metroid, Zelda, and Elden Ring would all have been released by now if it hadn’t been for unanticipated delays, and Midnight Suns would’ve been just a few months away.

No change
My most anticipated game of 2022 is Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, exactly the same as it was for this year!

I just worry that the longer it takes to come out, the harder it will be for it to meet my expectations. I am pleased with what I have seen so far though and am glad it is not being released until it is ready.
Pigfish2 (PSN ID)

Soon to be or not soon to be
Overall the Game Awards was pretty enjoyable. The live music and audience, and the presenting of it with the special guests, were entertaining for the most part. I was watching it on Lirik’s streaming channel on Twitch, who obviously made it even more enjoyable, but it was so good to see a stage and audience watching live entertainment again.

The best games for me were the ones to be recently soon like Elden Ring. Nightingale also had some of the best CGI, with Halo’s TV series looking pretty good too. The Matrix game was a graphical demo and apart from looking very photorealistic and enticing I can’t say what more to expect really.

Like Nightingale, Alan Wake 2 is looking like a possible cult classic, that if pulled off could be quite special. We already know what gameplay we thought we might be experiencing, but going by the hints the developers said it’ll be less action and more the survival horror we were expecting from the original game. I am presuming the gaslamp based Nightingale will be a third person survival with a mixture of exploration and a variety of weapon types for close combat and ranged combat.

Either way, it’ll be a while yet for some of the above mentioned, but with Star Wars: Eclipse looking interesting also, I can wait for good games. And speaking of good games, good to see It Takes Two winning overall best game and Resident Evil Village up there also. Wonder Woman was a surprise also, as an interesting title to see what happens.

So yes, a good awards ceremony and some exciting years to come. And that to me made it a successful showcase of soon to be, or nearly soon to be, new gaming titles. But where was Beyond Good And Evil 2!

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