Weekend Hot Topic, part 1: Your dream licensed video game

GameCentral readers name the movies, TV shows, and comics they’d most like to see turned into a game, from It to Doctor Who.

The subject for this week’s Hot Topic was suggested by reader Carnie and inspired by the slow, but noticeable, resurgence of big budget licensed games in recent years. What video game would you most want to see based on something that already exists and who would you want to make it?

We had plenty of suggestions, for properties both new and old, with James Bond and Game Of Thrones being particularly popular – as well as the obvious, to gamers at least, potential for more Star Wars and superhero games.


Movie Hitman

Good timing for this Hot Topic because I was sat on a plane recently watching John Wick 2 and thinking that a licensed John Wick game would be great. I know that we have the Hitman franchise, which any game would immediately draw comparisons to, but I’d like to see something similar in tone to the movies with the same sense of style and over-the-top mix of hand-to-hand combat, shooting, and stealth; perhaps some vehicular combat too including the car.

This aside the one franchise that I would really want to see in a proper video game would be Judge Dredd. The last film basically wrote itself as a video game with the slow-mo and tower heist plot, but I have to admit I’d like to see something a little bit more open world so that we could explore Mega-City One and take on some of the more classic foes such as the Angel Gang. I’m thinking something along the lines of the Batman: Arkham/Spider-Man games in terms of gameplay, but also including some decent shooting mechanics.
Rickandrolla (PSN ID)


King of the wasted potential

I know the idea of Hollywood synergy is basically a joke now but I really don’t understand why more companies don’t use video games to hype up their movies. I guess mobile games do this to a degree but they only come out a few weeks before and are always terrible.

Why not make good, high quality games a year or so before hand and then let them lead into films? I thought this was exactly what Warner were going to do with DC but they actually stopped making superhero games (except for Injustice) as soon as the DCEU started.

My personal favourite though would be a decent Godzilla game. Another one of those things so famously Japanese it’s incredible that they’ve never managed to make a decent game based on him (and the best ones were all made by Americans). The trailers for the new sequel have looked at amazing and to my mind would make an incredible video game, but it’s obvious that’s never going to happen. It’s all just such a waste.


In space no one can here you sigh

It’s amazing to me that all the most influential movies, from a video game perspective, and with the possible exception of Star Wars, have such a miserable history in games. How is it now 2019 and the best Aliens movie is still the original one on the C64! So many games and all of them varying degrees of terrible.

Alien Isolation was almost great but it was based solely on the first film, which was fine, but where was the follow-up based on Aliens with the same atmosphere and graphics? I would’ve killed for that but Isolation never sold, which was partially it’s fault for being so long-winded, and all we have recently is, erk, Colonial Marines.

I know there’s talk of more games in the future but I have no faith and frankly I think it’s too late. The film is so ancient now everything in it feels like a cliché because it’s been copied so many times and all of the actors are too old (or dead) to reprise their roles even in voiceover. What a horrible missed opportunity.


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Who goes there?

I love John Carpenter’s The Thing, and also its 2011 prequel; a new game based on those movies might be good.

Imagine a game with a set cast of characters and each time you play through the story mode the identity of the Thing (or Things) is randomly generated, so literally anyone in your midst could be an alien monster.

This kind of ‘Who is it?’ scenario could cause a lot of paranoia if, for example, someone asks you to accompany them to a remote part of the base. If you mistakenly kill an innocent human your companions could turn against you and expel you to the frozen wastes.

A recreation of the terrific blood test scene would be tense as hell, if the player had no clue who was about to erupt into a mass of quivering tendrils.

I realise there’s already been a game based on the Thing. I’ve never got to grips with it but I have heard it was quite good. My Thing game would be a first person survival horror adventure, with an emphasis on observation and investigation rather than mindless shooting.

Of course, the player would have access to at least one flamethrower and maybe a Chess Wizard mini-game.
msv858 (Twitter)


Impossible licence

I’ve always thought it surprising that nobody’s ever tried to make a proper Mission: Impossible game, beyond that old N64 game. The concept is so open-ended it would be easy to make up an original story that could be spun out to video game length and yet still have all the familiar elements.

The films have slowly become my favourite action franchise, with their emphasis on real stunts and minimal use of CGI. I realise that creates a certain irony in making a video game out of it, but I’m imagining something like the Madagascar chase out of Uncharted 4 but on a consistent basis.

A game that looked and played like that would be amazing, and then you could have all the stealth and puzzle sections too. The variety and range of characters is built in. I’d love to see it, maybe when Tom Cruise gets too old to jump buildings anymore?


More Musou

I would adore more licensed Dynasty Warriors titles, like what they did with Zelda but even more flashy and for more franchises, not just video games.

Obligatory Star Wars and Marvel, obviously, but franchises like Harry Potter as well. Basically, any fantasy franchise with a large cast of characters that use a variety of attacks would be cool.

GC: They already tried to get the Star Wars licence and were told no, so they did Gundam instead.


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Doctor What?

I would love to see a Doctor Who game in the episodic genre and ideally made by an ex-studio like Telltale. Or even better it would be a Traveller’s Tales Lego Doctor Who game, based on any Doctor including the most recent. Traveller’s Tales have done every other licence including Pirates Of The Caribbean and Lego Incredibles, which are for me not as popular or as long-running as Doctor Who. For me the highlight of Lego Dimensions was the Doctor Who and the level pack which was the best Doctor Who console game, but not as good as Legacy which was released on mobile.

I would also like a company to develop a new James Bond game, as the last one was flawed and the DLC was absolute rubbish. I would like to see a game based on Bond 25, whatever they are calling it. GoldenEye 007 on N64 and Wii were brilliant, as was 007 Blood Stone which was like an interactive movie and had some amazing car chases which were underrated. There were also good EA games such as Nightfire and Everything Or Nothing, which were really good at the time.

A Lego Traveller’s Tales James Bond could work as well, with a game based on a classic movie or even a brand new story with 007. If not, maybe a company such as Insomniac, as they did a brilliant job on Spider-Man on PlayStation 4. If they could recreate it for 007 it could be the best Bond game ever. Also, a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Two version could really benefit this licence.

The highlight so far in this console generation for 007 is the classic cars in Forza Horizon. In fact, the maker of Forza could have a racing game completely based on classic car chases from the movie and feature entirely new car chases in locations not seen in the movies. It would be a lot better than the PlayStation game 007 Racing, which was rubbish, and would make a good Xbox Two exclusive launch title.

I would also like to see more Star Wars game based on PlayStation VR, as Battlefront I had VR support, which was brilliant as you got to control an X-wing in space but there was nothing in Battlefront II. A PlayStation 5 exclusive with VR support built in and based on the new Star Wars movies would be incredible as they could recreate the trilogy or even a Battlefront III set completely in VR.

EA could also release more games based on the original trilogy, preferably in VR or not as this would appeal to older Star Wars fans.


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