Weird West Patch Will Add Reputation Tab, 60 FPS On Xbox, And New Weapon Perks

It's been a few months since Weird West's debut, and while the game was generally well received, there were a few complaints from reviewers. Real-time shootouts were sometimes more hectic than a player could effectively deal with, while keeping track of everyone who wanted your head required an out-of-game notebook.

Developer WolfEye Studios has been carefully listening to criticism, and now that Weird West's technical issues have largely been solved, it's time to address those concerns in a big way. Update 1.03 was just previewed on Steam, promising to add new features like weapon perks, a reputation tab, aiming options, companion AI improvements, a new game progression system, and hardware optimizations.

We’ll start with the random perks that are revamping Weird West’s loot system. Starting in update 1.03, "each weapon you find in the world has a low chance of having a random perk attached to it, such as, but not limited to, increasing critical damage against non-human creatures, a chance to poison enemies, the ability to ignore some of the target armor, and more." This new change adds a looter-shooter element to Weird West that promises to make random loot drops more exciting.

The new reputation tab is another exciting development that lets players keep track of Vendettas and Friends for Life for both themselves and their entire Posse. Keeping track of Weird West’s complex social system used to require its own dedicated spreadsheet, so this is a welcome change.

One of the few criticisms of Weird West’s gameplay was its real-time shootouts, which often could leave the player more than a little overwhelmed. To give players an edge. A new Aiming Accuracy option will come with a new “permissive” setting that makes aiming far more forgiving. There’s also a Slow-Mo While Aiming option that adds bullet-time to aiming, letting the player choose between none, low, medium, and high settings.

Companion aI is getting revamped so they’re more reliable in a gunfight (and to keep them from getting lost in towns with lots of doors), while the new progression system transfers ammo, money, horses, and Weapon Abilities between Journeys. A full balance pass of the in-game economy, enemy combatants, and Bounty Targets was also performed to account for these changes. Players will be able to opt into or out of the new progression system once the patch goes live.

And finally, a hardware optimization pass has resulted in performance gains on Xbox One, PS4, and lower-end PCs. An added benefit of this optimization will be a 60fps mode coming to Xbox Series S.

Weird West version 1.03 is expected to arrive on the week of June 20, with the full patch notes coming in the next few days.

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