Why Xbox One is my favourite console of the generation – Reader’s Feature

A reader defends the Xbox One’s track record and argues that its games, features, and performance are at least as good as its rivals.

Haven’t written in in quite a while; however, no time like the present… I was actually prompted to contribute by a Reader’s Feature about Xbox present and future speculation on the brand’s direction.

What really irked me was the whole consensus justification for much of the feature’s tone. I mean people talk about Xbox as if nobody has a good or even great time playing games on them! And it was a failure because nobody likes shooters anymore?!

To be honest I often don’t even know what the consensus is on about sometimes. If we judged good music by what’s in the charts (and critical reviews of) I think we’d be regressing back to Neanderthals before the plastic tide sinks us…

I own all current consoles and Xbox One is by far my most played platform, and mainly always has been this gen. Sunset Overdrive, Halo 5, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Ori And The Blind Forest, Gears Of War 4, Cuphead, Titanfall, Dead Rising 3, Ashen, and Quantum Break are all excellent, exclusive games that I very much enjoyed.

And, really, the Forza games are industry leading, I would say. The handling model and dreadful artificial intelligence – and, also, the lack of a sense of speed – make Gran Turismo a vacuous single-player experience. This, and the slightly better but abandoned Driveclub are Sony’s sole first party efforts, yet they are very rarely called out for this.

(They are also rarely called for their PS4 Pro adverts: ‘play in 4L on PS4 Pro’, etc. The console may make the TV go into 4K mode on games and you do get a higher res image than HD but it’s very rarely actually 4K… and definitely not in the game adverts the claim tends to feature in.)

There’s no doubt that mistakes have been by Microsoft, some of them whoppers; but a lot of positives exist too. Nowadays I have an Xbox One X and the superb true 4K performance is flawless; I love the controller, great trigger rumble and buttons, and it feels great in the hands. I like Major Nelson, a very professional presenter and the This Week on Xbox and Inside Xbox shows are under-discussed and underappreciated ways to find out about games, upcoming and ongoing. And backward compatibility and Game Pass are obvious, and even in the consensus, it seems, given. Also, third party support really is excellent, far better than the Switch’s will ever be.

I personally feel very engaged with the console and experience. There are, by the estimates I have seen, around 40 million Xbox One owners, but sometimes, riding the waves of that whole media consensus as we do, it doesn’t seem like it. And yes, I love driving and shooting games… does that make me weird? Really, I love all games. The consensus seems to say the Xbox experience doesn’t fit anyone, but really, that could never be. So, if you’re an Xbox fan like me, and have been having a great time, let’s be thankful for gaming, and maybe speak a little louder from now on.

By reader struthyfizz

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