Windows Twitter Account Randomly Tweets About Persona 5, Has Fans Hoping For A PC Port Again

The official Windows Twitter account randomly Tweeted about Persona 5, leading fans to once again get their hopes up.

If there's one thing that Persona fans want, it's ports of Persona 5. Actually, they want ports of pretty much every game in the series, but they specifically want to see Persona 5 Royal make its way to PC, something that Atlus just doesn't seem interested in doing. There have been many rumours over the years, but none of them have come true. Well, looks like we're back in the rumour cycle, folks.

Yesterday, the official Windows Twitter account replied to a seemingly random Tweet from a fan speculating about what the April Persona announcement might be. The Tweet read, "I think the April announcement is a game given two games are out and that Persona game is out for Fall/Holiday. I think Atlus JP wants to replicate 2018 release windows having 2 Personas game release in that year, One Team Maniax game and One Vanillaware release and all release".

Out of nowhere, the Windows Twitter account replied with a gif of Joker and said, "Hard to believe it's been almost six years since Persona 5 was released in the US! How many times have you played through it since then, counting Royal of course?". It's a strange exchange considering Windows wasn't mentioned in the Tweet at all and seemingly just wanted to talk about Persona for no reason.

This would be a little less strange if Persona 5 was available on any kind of Windows platform, but it's currently only on PlayStation. It's not even on Xbox, which would give it a bit more reason to be discussed here. Persona 5 Strikers is the only game that's playable on a Windows system as it's out on Steam, but that still seems like a strange reason to be mentioning Persona 5 Royal.

Although that might seem like reason to start planning a "Persona 5 is coming to PC" party, it's more likely just a Twitter brand interacting for the sake of it, so there's probably no point getting your hopes up yet again.

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