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Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap is a delightful platformer full of dangerous enemies lurking on every corner. To make things worse, you will start the game with awful gear and almost no health on your health bar, so yeah, you will die a lot.

While you can purchase better gear from any available shop in this game, the only way to increase your health bar is by finding hearts hidden in chests. There are up to seven hearts scattered in your journey, so we'll go over where to find all of them below.

Heart #1

This one is super easy to find, and you should get it as soon as you arrive in the village. All you have to do is go to the windmill and enter the door that is on ground level, drop down the hole and then continue right. You will see a chest. Open it to get the first heart.

Heart #2

  • Requirements: have the desert area unlocked.

This heart will be in the desert area. To find it, go to the desert and keep heading left until you reach the pyramid. Instead of dropping down the hole to get inside, climb the pyramid on the outside to reach the other part.

To the pyramid's left, you will see a sphinx. Open the door to get inside and open the chest to get the second heart.

Heart #3

  • Requirements: have the Mouse-Man form.

After defeating the Mummy Dragon, you will unlock the Mouse-Man form. With it, you will be able to stick to checkered blocks.

Now, to get the third heart, go west of the village and use Mouse-Man's special ability to walk up the checkered wall. Keep heading left until you reach the jungle area.

Once you are in the jungle, keep moving forward until you reach a checkered walk, stick to it and head down to get to an underwater area. Once there, stick to the wall on your right and open the door. In this new screen, open the chest next to the doors to get the third heart.

Heart #4

  • Requirements: have the Piranha-Man form and the Thunder Ring (so you can break brown blocks).

You will get the Piranha-Man form after defeating the Dragon Zombie. This new form allows you to swim underwater, precisely what you need to reach the fourth heart.

While using the Piranha-Man form, go to the beach and drop down the ocean. Keep moving right until you reach some breakable brown blocks; break them and swim down the hole.

Keep moving to the right until you get the chance to swim up another hole. On the new screen, head right again until you reach an area with an upside-down door. Ignore the door and go down the well.

Now, keep moving left until you reach a door. Open it to find a chest with a heart inside.

Heart #5

  • Requirements: have the Lion-Man form and the Thunder Ring.

Go to the village and break the brown blocks left to the windmill (you will need either the Mouse-Man or the Lion-Man form to break these ones), drop down, and head to the left. Eventually, you will see more brown blocks on the floor; break them, and drop down.

In this new screen, go right until you see a chest blocked with brown blocks. Use the Lion-Man form to smash them, and open it to get the heart.

Heart #6

  • Requirements: have the Eagle-Man form.

To find this heart, drop down the well you use to go to the beach and go right. When you get out of the water, transform into Eagle-Man and fly above the water to find a chest. Open it to get the heart.

Heart #7

  • Requirements: This one is in the endgame, so you will have all the forms unlocked.

While exploring the final dungeon in the game, you will eventually come across a section that forces you to use the Mouse-Man form.

Towards the end of this section (right where the rock enemies that throw fireballs are), you will fall into another screen with a cyclops. Defeat the enemy and open the door to find a chest. Open it to get the last heart.

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