"World’s First Voice NFT" Coming Soon Courtesy Of Troy Baker

The Last of Us and Arkham Knight actor Troy Baker has announced a brand-new NFT in partnership with Voiceverse that's all about voices, not JPEGs and GIFs.

One of the main selling points of these new "world's first Voice NFTs" is that they allegedly can't be right-clicked and saved. Voiceverse said, "Voice NFTs provide unlimited, perpetual access to the underlying AI voice that NFT represents ownership of. If you own a Voice NFT, you can create all kinds of voice content, and you will OWN all of the IP. Imagine being able to create customised audiobooks, YouTube videos, e-learning lectures, or even podcasts with your favourite voice!"

You can already do all of this through Cameo but with the actual actor rather than an AI interpretation. And while Voice NFTs can't be right-clicked and saved, they can be recorded. Nonetheless, the idea is that you get a synthesised version of an actor's likeness that you can use for whatever purpose you want, like reading your favourite books before bed. It can't tuck you in, though.

The response to Troy Baker's announcement hasn't exactly been positive. In Twitter terms, for those who aren't well-versed in the online hellscape, being 'ratio-d' means to have more quote retweets and comments than likes. Baker's announcement has 837 likes at the time of writing with a staggering 4,869 quote retweets. That's quite a big ratio.

Most people in his replies are pointing out the environmental damage of NFTs, the exploitation, and how they only benefit people at the top. Others simply commented things like "fuck NFTs." Both approaches certainly have merit.

According to Voiceverse, the NFTs "provide royalties to the original voice actor who was involved in building the NFT." It adds, "If the value of the Voice NFT rises, the voice actor also benefits from the increased value." This is what Troy Baker's role will be in the partnership – whoever buys into his Voice NFT will be able to use his likeness to make him say whatever they want for whatever they want.

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