Xbox-Bethesda Conference Confirmed For E3 2021

Xbox Game Studios head Matt Booty has confirmed Xbox and Bethesda will host a joint conference at E3 next month.

Xbox users have been eagerly awaiting what the future will hold for the platform ever since it acquired Bethesda last year. Rumors have circulated regarding whether upcoming games from Bethesda’s studios will now be exclusives, and if they will come to Game Pass on day one. All of that and more may be revealed just a few short weeks from now.

That’s because, as revealed by the head of Xbox Game Studios Matt Booty, Xbox and Bethesda will be holding a joint conference at this year’s E3. Booty broke the news during an interview with French publication Le Figaro. There have been rumors the two would host separate but integrated events, however, Booty has clarified that the E3 conference will be a full crossover.

Booty didn’t go into specifics on what exactly the conference will include, being sure not to drop any hints at future projects that might be showcased on the day. He did speak on the future of the creative freedom of the Bethesda studios Xbox has acquired, though. Booty confirmed they will remain unaffected despite the acquisition, adding that Xbox will also not touch Bethesda’s publishing services.

Although it has previously been stated that Bethesda’s upcoming games will be treated on a case-by-case basis when it comes to exclusivity, the first news out of the gate will have angered non-Xbox owners somewhat. Upcoming title Starfield will reportedly be an Xbox console exclusive while also coming to PC. If the next Elder Scrolls game gets the same treatment then there may well be a riot or two.

Other than Elder Scrolls 6, which is hopefully in the works, Xbox also recently revealed it is working on new IPs no one has even heard of yet. Exciting stuff ahead for Xbox in terms of new releases, something it is in desperate need of. The Series X|S launched with a serious lack of exclusives, something that is yet to be rectified. Seems as if Xbox plans on riding that Bethesda acquisition wave for a little while longer, but hopefully with news of what’s to come from the merger at E3.

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