Xbox One news: New Xbox Live Free Game update following shock Xbox Two reveal

Xbox Live Gold subscribers will soon have a new selection of free games to download.

This includes the already announced Xbox One Games with Gold lineup, as well as new demos and bonuses to try out.

And one of the latest freebies to be added to Xbox Live includes something special for Pinball fans.

That’s because Zaccaria Pinball is now on the official Microsoft Store, along with trial tables.

Available to download today, the paddle-smashing demo includes a range of different tables to try out on Xbox One and Xbox One X.

As you might expect, there are also limitations to what you can do compared to the full game, so don’t expect full access to core features.

It should also be noted that Zaccaria Pinball has a 10+ age rating and will require less than 1GB of console space.

According to the official Microsoft Store page, the Zaccaria Pinball Xbox Live demo includes unlimited gameplay on the Space Shuttle table.


Meanwhile, all other pinball tables are in trial mode, and that means there is a score limit. As you might imagine, there’s a lot of different tables that can be unlocked for those willing to buy the add-ons and DLC.

If Pinball is not your bag, there are plenty of other free-to-play titles available on Xbox One right now, such as Apex Legends, Fortnite and World of Warships: Legends.

And in a few days, Microsoft will be updating their Games with Gold lineup with fresh titles. Soon, Xbox One gamers will be able to download The Golf Club 2019 Featuring PGA Tour.

This new title will be going live on May 16, alongside Xbox 360 game, Comic Jumper. Both games will be available to download for free later this week if you have an active Xbox Live Gold account.

Meanwhile, other big Xbox news has been reported today, which will be especially interesting for those hoping to buy Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox Two console.

Recent reports indicate that the tech giant is planning to launch two new consoles as part of their next-gen plans.

Project Anaconda will be made in the shape of the Xbox One X, while Project Lockhart will be the less expensive alternative.

And as you might expect, the Anaconda will be the more powerful of the two. A new report suggests that there could be quite a difference in terms of GPU power between the two machines.

According to Brad Sams, a known Xbox insider, the Lockhart will offer half the GPU performance of the Anaconda. This could boil down to differences in frame rates and resolution output, although this remains speculation for now.

It appears that the Anaconda will be the 4K gaming machine offering the best specs and the higher price tag. Brad Sams reports that both consoles will have the same CPU; the Zen 2 processor will be available in both models.

But the GPU is where everything will be different when it comes to architecture, meaning the Lockhart could be the more affordable, 1080p console. More is expected to be revealed during Microsoft’s Xbox E3 showcase, which is being held next month.

This is the event that the new consoles are expected to be revealed, along with whatever other news Microsoft wants to share about them.

This could extend to a rough release schedule, as well as what new games will be part of the launch lineup.

Microsoft has been teasing their E3 plans to fans for a while now, hinting: “This will be our biggest E3 presence ever and we can’t wait to share more about what we’ve got up our sleeves for the future.

“Whether you play your games on Xbox One or on a PC, are fans of RPGs, first-person shooters and everything in between, or just like watching others play games, there will be something for everyone at E3.”

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