Xbox Scarlett full reveal date announced? Xbox fans should mark this date in the diary

Xbox Scarlett could be revealed at a Microsoft event later this year.

The Xbox Scarlett has been discussed but never fully revealed by Microsoft.

As we get closer to the Xbox Scarlett 2020 release date, fans are waiting to catch a glimpse of the console itself, as well as some of the launch games.

There’s a chance we may finally get our wish at Microsoft’s X019 event.

Announced earlier this year, Microsoft has finally announced a date for the big event.

“X019 is our global celebration of everything Xbox,” Microsoft reveals.

“We’re incredibly excited to bring X019 to London, United Kingdom from November 14-16 at the Copper Box Arena.

“It’s the biggest Xbox event we’ve ever hosted in the UK and we can’t wait to share it live with thousands of people from the incredible Xbox community there.”

Needless to say, the X019 event will also be broadcast live online.

The three day event starts on Thursday, November 14 and ends just a few days later on Saturday, November 16.

The first day features a special episode of Inside Xbox, which is where the new Xbox would likely be unveiled.

This will be followed by the first ever Xbox Fanfest, where fans can play a large selection of new and classic Xbox games.

Other activities include “unique activations and experiences to bring the universe of Xbox to life” and “developer meet-and-greets and autograph sessions”.

There will also be an Xbox Official Gear Store, which is said to feature exclusive X019 gear.

Tickets will be available for £19 per person from September 24. All proceeds go to charity.

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