Xbox Series S GPU Performance "Presents Challenges For Future Titles," Says Metro Dev

Metro Exodus is getting next-gen ports later this year, but future titles from 4A Games might be constrained due to the Xbox Series S GPU. In a recent interview, Oleksandr Shyshkovtsov, Chief Technical Officer at 4A Games, said that their renderer is already having trouble with Series S hardware, and his current workaround is less than ideal.

4A Games is known to push the envelope when it comes to graphics – look no further than Metro Exodus for a prime example. That game looks stunning on all available platforms and will look even better when it receives its next-gen update. However, Shyshkovtsov doesn’t sound optimistic when talking about the Xbox Series S and how upcoming titles from 4A Games will perform on the next-gen console.

“The RAM is not an issue for us (currently), but GPU performance presents challenges for future titles,” he said. “Our current renderer is designed for high spatial and temporal resolution (read: 4K @ 60 fps). It is stochastic by nature. Dropping any of those would require us to do more expensive calculations dropping performance even further. We have a compromise solution right now, but I am not satisfied with it yet.”

Xbox Series S was never expected to perform up to the same level as Xbox Series X, but it’s concerning that 4A Games is having to come up with creative solutions due to the disparity between it and its more powerful sibling. It’s possible that development will become easier as company’s get more hands-on time with the console, but it’s never good to hear a popular studio having issues with a newly released console.

4A Games has a lot in development, with two Metro-related titles and one new IP slated to launch in the coming years – let’s hope these games aren’t delayed due to Xbox Series S-related constraints. Until then, you can look forward to the Metro Exodus next-gen ports later this year.

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