Xbox Series X And S Pre-Orders Are Coming Soon

Xbox Series X launches in November, as does Xbox Series S, and now we know when you’ll be able to pre-order both. Pre-orders will be available starting on September 22, according to a listing that’s popped up on the official Xbox website. You can get all the details in our Xbox Series X pre-order guide.

Following a series of leaks, Microsoft finally confirmed this week what had long been expected: It will have two next-gen consoles launching later this year. Alongside Xbox Series X, Microsoft will offer Xbox Series S, a lower-priced model that targets 1440p resolution (as opposed to Series X’s 4K) and lacks a disc drive. It launches on November 10, as does Xbox Series X, according to this same listing.

We know some of the games to expect in the next-gen Xbox launch window, but one big game that will now have to wait for next year is Halo Infinite, which was recently delayed. Both models will be competing with PS5, which Sony has still not announced a price or release date for but that we know is launching later this year.

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