xQc Details How Drastically The Coronavirus Has Affected His Life

Twitch’s xQc addressed the coronavirus at the beginning of one of his latest broadcasts, updating viewers on his status since the quarantine. It’s no secret that the virus is actively tearing into the lifestyles of most people – specifically those with socially-fueled jobs and hobbies. Regarding those who live on the internet, on the other hand, how bad do things get?

For popular streamers, it becomes impossible to avoid such a relevant topic. As a result, xQc took some time to address just how impactful the COVID-19 pandemic has been on his life.

xQc humorously went down the list of hot-topics brought about by the pandemic – quarantining, self-isolation, social distancing, lockdowns, non-perishable meals – following each buzzword with the phrase, “no change.”

The joke is hardly original by now, but his delivery was as effective as it was relatable for his audience. xQc’s chat was littered with comments such as “too real,” “true,” and “same.” It certainly is nice to be among who experience “no change” in their lives, yet it isn’t the case for most.

As far as content, however, what has changed for xQc? For starters, he’s hot off of a Twitch suspension due to showing topless anime girl during a play-through of a particularly scandalous game. Let’s see if the clip below reflects a brand new approach to streaming that he undoubtedly committed himself to.


Jokes aside, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has actually made a positive impact on xQc’s content. Yes, the game’s popularity is one thing – but many people have described the French-Canadian’s Animal Crossing streams as wholesome. For instance, xQc decided to host a hide-and-seek game; The result reflected child-like innocence.

For those familiar with Overwatch xQc, it’s a pretty stark contrast. Even his fishing competition was more cute than anything else, allowing viewers to line up and show what they caught to the stream. By chance, the last participant in the line-up took home the 1st-place prize in an amazing finale.

Even though he jokes about his unaffected lifestyle, it will certainly be harder to do things like go to the skate park in future streams. Strangely, Twitch streamers have ended up with more job security than most during these tough times bu with any luck, the virus blows through quickly.

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