Yakuza: Like A Dragon May Be Releasing On PC

Take this next bit of news with a grain of salt, but it seems like Yakuza: Like a Dragon is heading to PC in the future. A recent database entry on SteamDB shows a listing for the JRPG installment of Sega’s wacky Japan simulator. There’s no information about when it will release or if this is only a test, but it seems to confirm the game is heading to Valve’s digital distribution platform.

Many might be wondering why Sega would bring only three Yakuza titles then skip to the seventh main installment, but it does make sense. There’s probably some logistical hold up with getting 36 on PC along with spin-off Judgment. With Like a Dragon having only recently released in Japan and shifting long-time protagonist Kiryu Kazuma for a new one, this would make for a perfect entry point for potential fans.

On the other hand, what exactly is Sega doing with the Yakuza series and PC? We don’t even know what’s going on with the PS4 release of Like a Dragon in the west. The lack of news is likely down to the ongoing coronavirus situation slowing localization, but it could also be that Sega is prepping the PC version to be day and date with its console counterpart.

Without an official answer, all of this is purely speculation. I typically don’t report on stuff like this, but I love the Yakuza series. It has ups and downs for sure (Dead Souls is better not spoken about), but each game is loaded with heart. Diehard fans have voiced their concerns about Like a Dragon’s shift to turn-based combat, but it seems to be a solid fit for the series.

The previous games were basically action RPGs, anyway. Adapting that to a more traditional style is a natural fit. One thing you can never fault Ryu Ga Gotoku Studios for is repetition. It may reuse content to tell new stories, but it has always tried new ideas in each installment to mix things up.

If Like a Dragon wants to shift into a completely different style, the team has more than earned the right to try.

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