Yoshi-P Says "How About A Scarecrow?" To Players Wanting To See Zenos Again

Final Fantasy 14 director Naoki Yoshida has jokingly told fans who are expecting Zenos to join them on the Island Sanctuary, "How about a scarecrow?". Ouch.

Earlier this year, Final Fantasy 14 added the Island Sanctuary, a cosy space for players that lets them farm and generally relax after they've completed Endwalker. During the most recent Letter from the Producer livestream, update 6.3 was detailed and included details on several new things coming to the Island Sanctuary, including new animals and crops.

As great as those additions are, they're not what Final Fantasy 14 players want to see – they want Zenos. One big request from Final Fantasy 14 fans is for Zenos to join players on their Island Sanctuary, especially after the events of Endwalker. Yoshi-P seemingly gets this request a lot, but it doesn't look like he's going to be giving in anytime soon. Major spoilers for Endwalker are coming up, so look away if you haven't finished it yet.

According to Twitter user aitaikimochi, during the livestream Yoshida said, "If we add anything even slightly related to Zenos, people will think 'OH then he's not dead, right?!?' We have considered some ideas before, but we always decide to not go through with it. How about a scarecrow?"

This is a particularly brutal response when you consider the ending of Endwalker, which has Zenos die, seemingly for good this time. Zenos has been killed and resurrected before, which some fans have hung onto as proof that he'll return at some point. It's because of this that Yoshi-P is careful about adding anything to do with Zenos to the game, including the Island Sanctuary, as some fans will take this as proof that he's still alive out there.

Although it seems like Zenos coming to the Island Sanctuary isn't going to happen, some fans have suggested that Zenos Rooster gets added to the game in his stead. Back in August, Square Enix teamed up with Mudchute Farm to put on a livestream showing animals to celebrate Island Sanctuary. During that livestream, a particular rooster stood out for their resemblance to Zenos, eventually getting named after him.

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