You Can Now Get Unlimited Ammo In Apex Legends’ Firing Range

Apex Legends fans have long requested the firing range provide users with infinite ammo for every weapon available. To be clear, the firing range already provides Apex players with plenty of ammo, they just have to actually pick it up and then manage it in inventory–two things that players don’t want to do when they just want to shoot at a bunch of targets. It’s an unnecessary step that could easily be deleted to vastly improve the firing range experience.

And now it seems that unnecessary step has finally been removed, but not on purpose. A bug first reported by Japanese Apex players and now being relayed by Apex YouTuber Grrt finally provides players with more ammo than they can handle on the firing range.

The bug is relatively simple and easy to reproduce. First, you need two players; one stands at the Bocek Bow challenge station while the other stands at the G7 Scout challenge station. The person who stands at the Bow station will eventually receive infinite ammo, so keep that in mind.

Now, both players will activate their respective challenge stations at the same time. Once activated, the players will then throw away the G7 and Bocek Bow, and now, anything the Bow player picks up will have infinite ammo.

Infinite ammo can certainly change the way one plays Apex Legends, and maybe even for the better. Game modes like Control seem less focused on the survival aspects of the battle royale genre (and managing multiple different types of ammunition) and far more on getting straight to the action. Perhaps this bug will give Respawn ideas on more gameplay modes where ammo management isn’t as big a concern.

In the meantime, firing range fans can check out Bangalore’s new story mission, Scout of Action, which coincidentally has you plink targets on everyone’s favorite firing range.

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