You Have 24 Hours To Play This Cyberpunk Mod That Makes Everyone Attack You

If you regularly check the Cyberpunk 2077 Nexus Mods page, you may have noticed a mysterious new addition generating some buzz. Edgerunners – The Hate from user anygoodname not only has very little in the way of a description, but its creator also states that they'll be taking the mod offline in around 24 hours. So what the hell is going on?

From what we can piece together, The Hate is a mod that makes every NPC hostile to the player. It seems that the mod was shared as some kind of limited-time challenge, tasking players to survive in Night City as public enemy number one. And according to a recent update to the mod's description, you don't have long to try it out for yourself.

"They're gonna hate you, Edgerunner," opens the mod's short description. "Everybody is against you – they either attack you from everywhere around [or] run away in panic."

It seems that the objective is to not die before the mod is taken offline, or give up and uninstall if you can't hack it. There are no videos provided of The Hate in action, but it's likely that having everyone in Night City despise you makes for a stressful playthrough.

Most of the buzz this mod has generated since being shared on Nexus is negative, with fans frustrated that anygoodname hasn't shared much about the mod in its description. However, those who have picked it up seem to be having a good time.

The latest update from the creator came around 24 hours ago, revealing that The Hate was halfway through its lifecycle.

"Thank you all for participating in the Edgerunners The Hate event," says anygoodname. "This mod is going offline in about 48 hrs so hurry up if you still hesitate to learn how it feels to be a hated and pursued Edgerunner in Night City!"

This gives players roughly one more day to try out The Hate for themselves, and see if it lives up to the mystery. In any case, it's not often we see limited-time events like this from the community, so it will be interesting to see if this takes off.

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