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Ys 8: Lacrimosa of Dana has many side activities for you to tackle to receive unique rewards, ranging from carrying out Bulletin Board requests to feeding strange birds at the Castaway Village fish to exploring every inch of the map. While some activities offer more crucial rewards than others, all are worth tackling as they will help you out greatly on your adventure.

Mapping out the entire Isle of Seiren offers excellent rewards, encouraging you to explore every nook and cranny of the island for unique items such as Adventure Gear. The unfortunate part is you cannot discover 100 percent of the map until you reach Chapter 6, the final chapter of the game, but the good news is that you will receive decent rewards for every ten percent of the map you discover.


As mentioned above, you can obtain unique and valuable rewards for mapping the entire Isle of Seiren. This sub-quest will begin whenever Captain Barbaros asks you to map out the island during your adventures after you find him in the area that later becomes Castaway Village. After this, whenever you fill out ten percent of the map, you can return to Castaway Village and present the map to Barbaros for a reward.

Every ten percent of the map that gets filled will offer better rewards, some being unique and one-of-a-kind Adventure Gear, some being potions and other niceties. You can check your map progress by opening the menu and navigating "Help." Once here, select "Explored Areas" to find the percentage of areas you have discovered and explored.

To make this easier, after you discover at least twelve Landmarks on Seiren, you can speak with Austin at Castaway Village to receive the "Eagle Eye Orb" Adventure Gear, increasing the distance you remove the fog on the map when exploring, allowing you to uncover more of the map at a faster pace. However, you won't be able to recruit Austin to Castaway Village until Chapter 3. The good news is that you will almost have enough Landmarks by then to get the Eagle Eye Orb if you've been exploring as much as possible up to this point.

One last point is that you will need to uncover 50, 60, 90, and 100 percent of the map to obtain the unique rewards required for the "Item Collector" Trophy/Achievement. Additionally, beginning New Game+ will not wipe your map progress, and you can re-obtain previously obtained rewards instantly each time you start a new NG+ run.

There will be certain sections in Ys 8: Lacrimosa of Dana where Captain Barbaros will be unavailable, but you can still turn your progress into Euron, who serves the same purpose. So, if Barbaros is nowhere to be found, check in with Euron, and he will hook you up with what you're looking for!

Map Completion Rewards

Since you receive a reward for every ten percent of the map you discover, you can obtain ten total rewards from Captain Barbaros at various points in the game. While some of these rewards are common items, there are some unique ones that you can only obtain through this method, making it worth the time and effort it takes to complete the quest. You can find every reward and what they do in the table below!

Completion Reward Type Description
10 Percent Heal Potion


Consumable Recovers 60 percent of HP.
20 Percent Gauntlets


Equipment Increases your Break Rate and grants +16 DEF.
30 Percent Athlete Ring


Accessory Decreases the cost of SP Skills to 2/3.
40 Percent Spirit Elixir


Consumable Increases Max SP by ten.
50 Percent Gale Feather


Adventure Gear Enhances Dash Speed and lets you tackle enemies.
60 Percent Mountain Guide


Upgrade Grants you an additional Adventure Gear Slot, allowing you to equip multiple Adventure Gear simultaneously.
70 Percent Full Potion


Consumable Recovers 100 percent of HP.
80 Percent Spirit Elixir


Consumable Increases Max SP by ten.
90 Percent Spirit Necklace


Accessory If your entire party wipes in combat, everyone will fully recover their health, shattering the Spirit Necklace on use.
100 Percent Ares Seal


Adventure Gear Gradually fills your EXTRA Gauge over time.

Remember that you can only obtain the Gale Feather, Mountain Guide, Spirit Necklace, and Ares Seal by turning your map progress to Captain Barbaros. Every other reward listed can be acquired by other means, such as shops, treasure chests, or even dropped from defeated enemies.

Furthermore, as covered above, there will be certain moments in the game where you will have to show your map progress to Euron instead of Barbaros, which often trips people up. If Barbaros is absent from Castaway Village, speak with Euron to get squared away!

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