Zelda & Loftwing Amiibo Announced For Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD

The amiibo craze might be well past its highest point, but that hasn’t stopped Nintendo from periodically releasing new figures for big releases. Case in point, the release of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD next month will be accompanied by a brand new Zelda amiibo to add to your collection. Starting June 16, 2021, you’ll be able to buy a “Zelda & Loftwing” amiibo that provides a fun little function in-game.

One of the features of Skyward Sword is the ability to fly in the skies around Skyloft to reach your destinations. In the original Wii version, doing so required you to call your steed from a specific totem in each area. With this new amiibo, you’ll be able to call upon Fi and get whisked into the sky from wherever you are standing. While out and about, you can even use the amiibo to return to your original location, knocking out some of the backtracking the game has.

It’s absolutely stupid that this feature isn’t simply included as an in-game unlock, but the amiibo figure does look really nice. I’ve always loved the art direction of Skyward Sword for its mixture of the cartoonish aesthetic of Wind Waker with the darker tone of Twilight Princess. Zelda’s particular design is also breathtaking, so I could see myself getting this…and perpetuating the cycle of crappy business practices from Nintendo with amiibos.

There’s no mention of a price or pre-orders, but that is pretty similar to Skyward Sword HD’s other big piece of memorabilia: its themed Joy-Con. We’ll keep you posted on if anything changes, but be sure to keep an eye out at your favorite retailer if you want to add this new amiibo to your growing collection.

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