Zombie Army 4: Rotten Coast Walkthrough And Collectibles

Rotten Coast is the fifth campaign in Zombie Army 4: Dead War. It takes the hero to Genoa in an attempt to contact Dr. Schweiger, who was revealed to be in another world during the Zombie Zoo campaign. Here’s everything you need to know to complete the Rotten Coast campaign and find all of the collectibles.

Chapter 1: Compounded Resistance Walkthrough

When the chapter begins, go into the destroyed building to your right to gather some supplies and upgrade your weapons at the workbench.

Compounded Resistance Document

After using the workbench, look ahead to see a ladder in the building. Climb the ladder and pick up a document on the bed.

Compounded Resistance Zombie Hand

Follow the objective marker out of the camp and drop down into the swamp. You will be tasked with finding some explosives to clear a cave-in. However, first, you should head forwards into the building that is partly sunk into the swamp.

Once inside the destroyed building, turn around to see the zombie hand running around on the edge of the roof.

Compounded Resistance Comic

Follow the objective to find the explosives through the arch near the electrified fence. Zombies will burst through the wall to your right, creating a cloud of dust.

Kill these and look ahead to see a barn, from which you will see more zombies approaching. Kill the zombies and head into the barn to find a comic on a bed.

Grab the explosives and plant them near the cave-in. Activate the detonator to trigger a defense section, during which a few zombies will attack. This certainly isn’t the size of a horde, so there’s no need to waste any explosives.

Simply kill any zombies that wander towards you and the explosives will blow, allowing you to advance towards the compound.

Compounded Resistance Upgrade Kit

As you approach the compound, you will be attacked by a horde of zombies. Clear the zombies, but don’t head inside the compound yet. Instead, walk past the scaffolding and turn right to find a locked building. Run over to the door to make a zombie burst through. Go inside to find an upgrade kit on a bench.

Enter the compound and help the resistance fighters defend against the horde to unlock the safe room. Go inside to complete Chapter 1: Compounded Resistance.

Chapter 2: Village Of Darkness Walkthrough

When the mission starts, resupply whilst Hugo gives the hero directions to the Radio Mast. When you are ready, leave the safe room, and go underground.

Village Of Darkness Comic

At the bottom of the stairs, take a left into the first chamber. Then, turn right to find a comic on a crate against the wall.

Follow your objective compass through the cellar to find the key, which allows you to go back outside. Once outside, a short cutscene will trigger, revealing the Suicider General. This might seem bad, but the general is easily dispatched with a quick shot to the heart from your rifle.

Village Of Darkness Heroic Action

From where you left the cellar and first saw the Suicider General, turn a little to the right to find a tower. The door is closed, but you can open it up and head upstairs. At the top of the tower, you will meet a resistance fighter who gives you a Panzerschrek rocket launcher.

Use this rocket launcher to destroy the zombie Half-Truck, and then defend this NPC from the zombie horde. Once all the zombies are defeated, the heroic action will complete.

Village Of Darkness Upgrade Kit #1

This will be in a safe next to the resistance fighter you just saved. It will open up once the heroic action is complete.

Village Of Darkness Document

After defeating the horde, leave the tower and turn left on the road. Run down the road until you come to a building with a pig painted on the front, alongside the words Macelleria Enzo. Turn left here and continue towards the safe room until you find a building with an open door to your right. Go inside to pick up a document on the table.

Village Of Darkness Upgrade Kit #2

From the safe room door, turn right and go down the street to the end. There will be two open houses on the left side of the road. Go in the first house and up the stairs to find an upgrade kit on a cabinet.

Village Of Darkness Zombie Hand

Run all the way back to the pig building. Facing it like before, take the path to the right. Follow the street around the corner and look up at a fence to see a zombie hand running along the edge.

That covers all the collectibles in this chapter, so feel free to make your way to the safe room now, completing Chapter 2: Village Of Darkness.

Chapter 3: Trouble In The Styx Walkthrough

Resupply in the safe room and chat with the resistance fighter, who will inform you of the ferry to the Compound. That’s your next objective, so leave the safe room when you are ready and head outside. Cross the bridge, dropping into the water at the broken section, and make your way over to the graveyard.

Trouble In The Styx Comic

Fight your way through the zombie horde in the graveyard. When the area is clear, go to the edge of the graveyard, towards the large crashed ship in the ocean. There is a short pier with a comic balancing on the edge.

Trouble In The Styx Zombie Hand

Follow your objective marker to pass under a bridge. As you go under, turn around and look up at the top of the bridge to see the zombie hand running along the edge of the structure.

Trouble In The Styx Document

Continue along this path until you pass through a stone archway. Straight ahead, you will see some wooden stairs leading into a partially destroyed building. Climb the stairs and head inside to find a document on a crate.

When you have the document, follow your objective compass to find the key that opens the gate. You’ll head underground and fight a few zombies, but it shouldn’t be too challenging.

With the key, cross the bridge and follow your compass yet again to find some fuel for the ferry. Board the boat and ride it down the river. During this ride, the hero will see that bombers are flying overhead, potentially dooming your mission.

Trouble In The Styx Upgrade Kit

The boat will stop shortly after and you will be able to disembark. Follow the objective along the windy path until you are told to re-align the communication dish. This is where you can find the upgrade kit.

When you enter this area, you will be on a wooden walkway. You can follow this around the shack in the center to find the radio mast. However, before you re-align the dish, drop down from the walkway into the water. Follow the water around to find a small building. Go inside to see the upgrade kit on a crate.

Re-align the communication dish and defend the radio mast from a horde of zombies whilst you communicate with Dr. Schweiger. When the conversation ends, board the ferry and travel downriver to the safe room, completing Chapter 3: Trouble In The Styx.

Chapter 4: The Best Laid Plans Walkthrough

Resupply in the safe room whilst the hero talks to Bruno about the best way to the Hell Tower. When you are prepared, leave the safe room and follow the path to the Cellar. Head downstairs to trigger a cutscene, revealing The Butcher.

The Best Laid Plans Upgrade Kit

When it raises the buzzsaw, it will charge towards you. Move to the side and run to the other end of the corridor and start getting headshots. Repeat this until the Butcher dies.

After defeating the Butcher, follow your objective to find the Cellar exit. As you turn the corner to the exit, the upgrade kit will be on a crate next to the left wall. This one is on the main path, so it’s hard to miss.

The Best Laid Plans Comic

After leaving the cellar, move past the ritual circle and follow the objective. It will direct you to a blood altar through the right gate, but there is also a gate to the left. Go through the left gate to see a statue. Make your way over to the statue to find a comic.

The Best Laid Plans Zombie Hand

From the statue where you found the comic, turn left to see a fallen tree in the distance. Zoom in to spot a zombie hand running along the tree.

The Best Laid Plans Document

Now, head back to the ritual circle where you left the cellar and take the right gate towards the blood fountain. As you pass through the gate, turn left, and climb up the stairs to find a document on a stone bench.

Proceed to fill the blood fountain to break the blood seal on a gate. Go through the gate to find an undetonated bomb. You can interact with this bomb to manually detonate it. However, as you do, the gate behind you will slam shut and another blood seal will form, locking it in place. Zombies will rise around you and attack.

Survive the zombie hordes whilst waiting for the bomb to explode. Eventually, the hero will remark that it is about to blow. This triggers a cutscene in which the bomb detonates, completing the Rotten Coast campaign.

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