Decay of Logos, An Action-RPG With Breath Of The Wild Vibes, Is Out Later This Month

Decay of Logos, an ambitious RPG that reminds us of both Breath of the Wild and Princess Mononoke, is releasing towards the end of August.

The game is a story of revenge about a girl and her elk, who set out to find the truth and take down the culprits after the girl’s village is destroyed. Getting revenge will involve battling a lot of enemies, searching through numerous dungeons, and exploring a world influenced by high fantasy tales and European folklore.

The game has been in development since at least 2014, when game designer André Constantino built a prototype that would become fleshed out further when he joined with Amplify Creations in 2015. The creation process has been covered in an extensive DevLog on the game’s official site.

Decay of Logos is the first game from Amplify Creations, and because the company specialises in middleware, it was made mostly using in-house tech.

The developers don’t want the game, which will involve open-world exploration and combat that mixes swordplay with magic abilities (plus your elk, who can run in and headbutt enemies), to hold player’s hands too much, so expect to have to find your own way forward.

Decay of Logos will hit PS4 first on August 27, before coming to Switch on August 29. Xbox One and Steam players will have to wait until August 30. It’s being published by Rising Star Games.

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