First episode of new Pokémon anime series is a thrilling call to adventure

The Pokémon Company International has released the first episode of Pokémon: Hisuian Snow, the latest Pokémon animated web series from Wit Studio of Attack on Titan and Vinland Saga fame.

Set in the Hisui region of the Pokémon Legends: Arceus video game, the anime follows the story of Alec, a young man raised to believe that humans and Pokémon can never coexist. In spite of this, Alec meets and forms an unlikely bond with a Hisuian Zorua, a bond that will force him rethink everything he has known and believed.

The three-episode series, which will premiere on the official Pokémon YouTube channel and the Pokémon TV app, is directed by Ken Yamamoto, known for his work as an episode director on Princess Connect! Re:Dive, and features Taku Kishimoto (Fruits Basket, Haikyu!!) as lead screenwriter. The first 6-minute episode is certainly impressive, with a soft painterly color palette, impressive animation, and stirring score courtesy of composer Conisch.

It’s unclear when the next two episodes will premiere, though a decent chance would suggest that the second episode will premiere as early as next week on the Pokémon YouTube channel and the Pokémon TV app.

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